[Burnaby, BC] Moving on Up to Yaguchiya Ramen


Yaguchiya Ramen
4679 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
Phone: (604) 620-4679


Yaguchiya Ramen has a secret and they are willing to tell noodle lovers one of their recipes “of toppings for nice ramen.” Okay the grammar is odd, but I suspect the following image I took makes up their soup base.

I’ll have to try this recipe with refrigerated (not instant) ramen at home. But it will not compare to the succulent and drool worthy spicy dish offered by this operation. Simplicity and offering something slightly different from other traditional ramen shops has certainly earned this place an extra mark.


The aromas from this broth were a delight and the texture from the house made noodles were mouth-watering. The dish can be improved upon with your standard add-on options, from corn to poached vinegar egg. I had the spicy ramen, and the combination floored me. I just could not stop savouring the base enhanced with the right kind of heat. Very rarely will I find a broth that is perfection.

Whenever I decide to hit this sector of the Lower Mainland, I must make a point of returning. They easily beat Kuma back home. Yes, a certain ex Hungry Bloke would hate me for making this remark, but his experience with ramen shops is limited. When he has to look at other reviews than take chances, perhaps it’s for the better he’s gone. When I was in Burnaby, BC visiting Metrotown, I simply looked at a map and let my spidy-sense guide me than rely on scores.

Uniqueness is not always a prerequisite every time I head to a noodle shop. Sometimes the craving does hit for a new flavour combination, other times a lot of ‘heat’ can go a long way. During a cool night in a big city, I did want to seek something warm out.


As I walked in, it had barely any decor. Although this minus is hardly a distraction, at least the television had Japanese programming going on.  You’re here for 25 to 40 mins, tops (perhaps enough time to watch the news or an episode of a cartoon) and continue on.

As one of the staff told me, he’s heard from other patrons say the Jinjya Ramen at Metrotown is not as good as the downtown Vancouver operation. Having a swanky place does not make for great food. If the soul is not there, then you’ll never experience the love in the food the cooks prepare en masses for hungry ramen lovers like me.

5 Blokes out of 5






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