2016 Feast: Food & Film Begins June 17, 2016!

June 17 & 18, and June 24 & 25.

Vic Theatre
808 Douglas St
Victoria, BC

Victoria Distillers
9891 Seaport Pl
Sidney, BC

Phillips Backyard
2010 Government St
Victoria, BC

The Victoria Film Festival’s Foodie Food Festival is now known as FEAST: Food & Film and it’s back for a fourth year, offering a new course in its evolution. Much like a restaurant and dining experience, you can’t have the same meals over and over again. The visit has to be different over time. Once held at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, the venue will also change too. This event will be running for over two weekends in June, beginning mid-month. I’m unsure of which films I want to truly hit (my budget is being saved for an upcoming Summer convention and unfortunately I have to be scaling back), but it’s a safe bet Pulp Fiction will be first and foremost!

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You Don’t Have to Be Afraid of “Bugs on the Menu” at The Vic Theatre May 13th!

Bugs_on_the_Menu_-_The_Vic_Poster_for_Web_2_250f94b0a36d369d5b4497e974f0aed8Plays at The Vic Theatre
808 Douglas Street.
Victoria, BC

May 13, 2016, 7pm
May 15, 2016, 7pm

Food samples will be offered before the screening of this film.

Director Ian Toews and Producer Mark Bradley will be present for a Q&A afterwards.

If you give me a home where edible bugs roam, I can easily snack on them all day like popcorn. Not everyone is keen on the concept, but I’m open to the idea of nibbling on mealworms or crickets. Some folks think of it as just a gimmick to add to the gross factor, but when the apocalypse comes and most of the traditional livestock are gone, irradiated, just what else can a person eat? It’s almost as simple as digging in one’s back yard!

Or you better know the difference between edible fungi and the poisonous ones. Eating insects should not be a shocker. I point out one famous scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Dr. René Belloq had some bug climb into his mouth and it never came out. Not even in editing did Steven Spielberg consider cutting that scene out or using a different take (who knows how many times that moment was filmed). If actor Paul Freeman was ever asked about that one scene, I’m sure he’d say it was delicious!

The documentary Bugs on the Menu looks at a new movement of cultivating sustainability in the food market that’s taking place all around the world. Instead of the traditional meats and “the harm” animal rights advocates are opining about, humanity can find a new way of sustaining itself by growing certain bugs for human consumption. People can’t randomly capture them in the wild for concerns over what kind of toxins may be in them, so they have to be raised. Documentarian Ian Toews travels to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana to learn about what’s being farmed. From Mopane caterpillars to termites, the thought of trying to eat the latter will have some folks gagging at the thought. No, I doubt Indy would have been able to eat his way out of a red soldier ant brigade, but the fourth (and lamented) film in this series did come to mind.

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Ed’s Victoria Fringe Festival Picks of 2015


Various Venues
August 27 to Sept 6

Victoria, BC

Requires Fringe Button ($6)
Tickets range from $9 to 11
Available through Ticket Rocket or at the door

Just what kind of dreams may come from this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival? That’s just one of many themes I’ve noticed when flipping through the pages of the guide. When my passion in theatre is for the fantastic, that’s going to become the guiding force for some of the shows I plan on going to see. This year marks the 29th annual show, and I feel this year will be a hint of great things to come when the 30th rolls around next year. Okay, I’m thinking a year ahead, but I’m sure there’s some folks from Intrepid who’s already planning well in advance in how to make next year a big celebration. For this year’s fun, there’s a grand mix of style, and just what I’m looking for is varied.

Herein lies my picks for the 2015 year.

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A Nerdy Events Guide to this May Weekend in Victoria, BC


Not only will the city of Victoria, BC get an extra day of geekery on but also, not many cities can lay claim to having four days dedicated to various fun events taking place nearly all at the same time. Here’s a quick summary of what’s going on:

May 1st
Lego at the Library (2:30pm)
Greater Victoria Public Library
Juan de Fuca Branch

This event is technically for children ages 7-10 who want to have fun with the sets offered at the library. Registered participants are also encouraged to bring their own bricks so they can learn how to stack them up in other creative ways for a take-home project.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Premiere (evening)
This movie will definitely delight Marvel Movie Universe fans. Not only does this film continue on from where the first film and Captain America: Winter Soldier left off, with hints of two mutants — Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch — being important in the film, but also this movie will set the stage for the third part of the saga cumulating to Avengers: Infinity Wars.

People going to the IMAX screenings on this day should, in theory, get a keepsake poster while supplies last.

May 2nd
Comic Book Day (starting 10am)
This North American wide event has become the norm. With the Greater Victoria Public Library Central Branch and at least two of the three three comic book stores participating in this city, the fun can be shared, if not spread around. When the stores have to restrict just how many titles readers can grab, all the smart collector has to know is to walk from store to store (and library) to get a good fill.

This year has comics that will introduce folks to the fantastic worlds featured in Doctor Who, the realm where there’s plenty of robots in disguise in Transformers (thankfully not the awful Michael Bay version), the pulps in The Phantom and the mutants in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A full list can be found on the official website.

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Some Ghūlish Updates to the Halloween Guide

Please be sure to check A Ghūl’s All Hallows Eve Guide often as the Two Hungry Blokes will be updating this article with events that catches our eye and interest. Yes, even us food zombies can be slow in discovering something new. If you have an event that you like to submit to help us break 13 pages, please do!