A Nerdy Events Guide to this May Weekend in Victoria, BC


Not only will the city of Victoria, BC get an extra day of geekery on but also, not many cities can lay claim to having four days dedicated to various fun events taking place nearly all at the same time. Here’s a quick summary of what’s going on:

May 1st
Lego at the Library (2:30pm)
Greater Victoria Public Library
Juan de Fuca Branch

This event is technically for children ages 7-10 who want to have fun with the sets offered at the library. Registered participants are also encouraged to bring their own bricks so they can learn how to stack them up in other creative ways for a take-home project.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Premiere (evening)
This movie will definitely delight Marvel Movie Universe fans. Not only does this film continue on from where the first film and Captain America: Winter Soldier left off, with hints of two mutants — Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch — being important in the film, but also this movie will set the stage for the third part of the saga cumulating to Avengers: Infinity Wars.

People going to the IMAX screenings on this day should, in theory, get a keepsake poster while supplies last.

May 2nd
Comic Book Day (starting 10am)
This North American wide event has become the norm. With the Greater Victoria Public Library Central Branch and at least two of the three three comic book stores participating in this city, the fun can be shared, if not spread around. When the stores have to restrict just how many titles readers can grab, all the smart collector has to know is to walk from store to store (and library) to get a good fill.

This year has comics that will introduce folks to the fantastic worlds featured in Doctor Who, the realm where there’s plenty of robots in disguise in Transformers (thankfully not the awful Michael Bay version), the pulps in The Phantom and the mutants in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A full list can be found on the official website.

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Singing the praises of Oh Sugar!

Oh Sugar
561 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC


2016 Update: This operation is now under new ownership.

I could very well sing the praises of the traditional folk song “Oh Susanna” in place of Oh Sugar than The Archie’s “Sugar Sugar” once this candy store really takes off. This company’s logo certainly has me praising something.

According to Rick Goodman, who runs the shop with his wife Justyna, the more exotic and stranger the candy is, the more likely this operation will carry it. I had to ask Rick about Stay Puft Marshmallows and if he could special order it for crazy clients like me. Fans of Ghostbusters know what the fuss is all about; yes, these puffy delights are caffeinated!

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Ed’s Summer Daze

The summer may have kicked off just over a week ago, but for me, the season doesn’t start until the Canada Day long weekend. I must admit, I felt like a bear waking up from hibernation, and it takes a long time to get me going. When I do, I’m like the wind. Wherever life goes, I have my nose and stomach guiding me.

This past weekend, the Inner Harbour was abuzz with people checking out the last of the celebrations and the nice day had me lumbering around town. I had to see what the markets in the bustling city core had to offer.

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Thrifty’s Back Bacon Day

b0180-thrifty2b008J: I only had one thing on my mind the day before Canada Day and that was back bacon! The idea of heading down to Thrifty Foods for some BBQ grilled Freybe’s back bacon. It had my mouth watering. I arrived at their Colwood location with money to donate (it’s suggested in their advertising).

E: And for those roosters out there, a great way to start the day. I’m more like the owl and I was yawning all the way to take a look at what’s happening at the Tuscany Village and Saanich Centre location since they’re nearby.

For this event, it’s all about location, location, location … any other detail doesn’t matter.

And quite simply: helping local communities. In Victoria, the money raised will go to Jeneece Place and on the mainland, to the BC Children’s Hospital. It’s great to see these grocers support these local causes.

J: And goodness knows I did my part. But I was a little disappointed I could only eat two before my stomach said, “no more!” Come on stomach, the back bacon was delicious! The staff were very friendly and I chatted with a few of them. But alas all good things must come to an end. Work was calling and I had to shuffle off (which was all I could manage on a full belly).

Goldstream Station Market 2011

10 am – 2 pm
May 28 – October 22, 2011
Bryn Maur Rd.
Langford, BC

I welcomed the return of the Goldstream Station Market and not even the rain could dampen my spirits. Many familiar faces from the local farming community, as well as talented crafters, were on hand to hail the start of another great market year.

The Shriners’ Clown Unit were out in full force sans makeup for the sake of collecting for charities. And with their old train on site (actually it’s just a vehicle with a steam engine facade), one couldn’t help but marvel at this Victoria Day parade veteran. With a pitched tent out the back of the caboose, the Shriners were ready to deliver some barbecued goodies. Continue reading

Doo-Wop Dinner

Zellers Family Restaurant
Tillicum Centre
Suite 1444, 3170 Tillicum Rd.
Saanich, BC.
(250) 385-6623

J: I had a great time seeing Tron Legacy 3D with Ed (see his review of it at Linear Reflections), it was only natural to think of food. Practically any activity will make Ed and I hungry. Whether it’s working hard, wandering around town, watching a good movie, thinking of food, eating of food or just breathing.

So after two hours in a comfortable seat, we had the urge to shake our legs in the direction of the Zeller’s Family Restaurant at Tillicum Centre.

Now you may ask “what’s the point of writing a review for a restaurant that might be gone in a year or two?” My answer would be it’s here now and not all Zellers stores will be closing (to my understanding). I was a regular at the diner in the Hillside Centre location during the late 80’s to the early 90’s. I’ve always looked forward to many tasty burgers and quick chat served up by bionic waitress June. In the Tillicum location, they copy a 50’s nostalgia in decor and that suits me fine.

E: I can certainly say both places had a similar style of decor and I felt out-of-place. There were mostly seniors about. At least here in Tillicum, nothing much has changed. Continue reading