The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Tea

Tea India
A Harris Tea Company

Chai or in this case, Indian orange pekoe, has long been enjoyed by people from the Indian sub-continent. Promoted heavily by the British owned Indian Tea Association in the 1900’s, their campaign encouraged factories and businesses to give their employees tea breaks. It not only boosted the sales of British owned tea companies but also introduced the pleasure of tea to the uninitiated while creating a new social environment among the working class.

My first attempt at brewing ended up with a weak tea tasting like mud water (which I had not the pleasure of since I was a child). And a second chance was definitely required. I must’ve fouled up somehow. So I did what many males dare not to do; I read the instructions. Sure enough I corrected myself. The tea bag needs to be in the cup before the hot water was poured. I added milk and my usual spoonfuls of sugar to offset the stronger taste. The end result was a nice steady tea. I usually have trouble with higher caffeine teas, especially black but this one is manageable. It’s definitely not Red Rose by any means but it’s still a pleasant cuppa.


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