That Old English Fare in The Snug

TheSnugThe Snug Pub
1175 Beach Drive
Oak Bay, BC
(250) 598-4556

J: When I first heard of the pub called “The Snug” my thoughts were of a small establishment so tiny that getting a decent table would be like me trying to fit into the jeans I wore back in high school. It wouldn’t be pretty and there would be no chance it could be done successfully. But upon entering Oak Bay Beach Hotel‘s pub, it was quite roomy and no matter where one would sit, you get beautiful views of the strait. I liked the pre-1800’s English decor, it was suitable for a man of my tastes.

E: Or rather, a man who looked like a chimney sweeper. I dressed up for the occasion and James was Oscar to my Felix. Well, nothing would stop me from wanting to revisit this place after trying out their seafood chowder.

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A Tale of Mee Wah’s Service Woes

Mee Wah
1950A Oak Bay Ave.
Oak Bay, BC
(250) 595-3021

E: Honestly, I have to wonder about the attitudes that go on in a Chinese restaurant. In a proper establishment, customers are kept happy and the employees will go out-of-their-way to make sure the customer is well served. But when the level in service drops, I get visions of Mel’s Diner from the 70’s TV show, Alice. It makes me wonder why Mee Wah is generally well liked within certain food circles.

J: Is it the food? Perhaps but I know it’s not the service, the service (or lack there of) is poor. The place wasn’t packed but it was still busy. And during the time we were there I felt as though we were wasting the server’s time. I had to wonder what was bothering her.

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Tea Amongst White Heather’s Hoi Polloi

WhiteHeather1White Heather Tea Room
1885 Oak Bay Ave.
Oak Bay, BC
(250) 595-8020

J: Ed and I were returning to one of my favourite municipalities, Oak Bay, and in this municipality is one of the jewels of the many locally owned businesses, the White Heather Tea Room. I wanted Ed to experience their service, the food and the atmosphere of what had wowed me before. I stopped for tea with sandwiches and pastries last year. And though I didn’t review the place, I couldn’t say one bad thing against this establishment.

With Ed in tow, I thought it deserved scrutinizing under the eyes of the Two Hungry Blokes.

E: Quite often, I’d ask James, “So why don’t you move there?”

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Must See Movies for Dec 19 – 25, 2014



Cinecenta is located in the thriving community of the University of Victoria (UVic) campus in Saanich. The theatre offers more than a reasonable rate for general admission while giving discounted rates for UVic students, faculty, staff and alumni. Discounted rates are also available to seniors and children 12 and under. Matinées are $4.75 for all seats. Second evening shows at Cinecenta are $4.75 for all UVic undergrads.

It’s a Wonderful Life
(USA – 118 mins)

Director: Frank Capra
Writer(s): Philip Van Doren Stern (story), Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett, Frank Capra (screenplay), Jo Swerking (additional scenes), and Michael Wilson (contributor to screenplay)

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Must See Movies for December 12 – 18, 2014

HobbitFiveArmiesIf Christmas is a time for ballet in the form of Tch Nutcracker then why not in the form of Wagner’s opera Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. Live from the Metropolitan, this almost six hour performance will be conducted by James Levine and stars Johan Reuter. ArtSpring on Salt Spring Island will be receiving this broadcast on December 13th at 9:00 am.

But if ballet is still where your heart is then ArtSpring has this covered too. If you can’t see the Winnipeg Ballet production of The Nutcracker this year, December 21st at 9:55 am ArtSpring will receive a live broadcast of The Nutcracker as performed by the Bolshoi Ballet.

There is one more drive-in movie left this month to see in the back parking lot of the Archie Browning Sports Centre. On Saturday, December 13th at 6:30 pm you’ll have the chance to bring the whole family to watch The Santa Clause.

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Must See Movies for December 5 – 11, 2014

Christmas4If you are planning to see a movie at UVic’s Cinecenta, there is just two weeks left before they close for the holidays. Cinecenta will close from Dec 21st until the new year. Some of the final movies shown for the month will be Elsa & Fred, Hundred-Foot Journey, Boyhood, Magic In the Moonlight, Love Actually, and Frank Capra’s Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life.

If you missed the Dec 5th Christmas drive-in movie which was shown around the back of the Archie Browning Sports Centre, then fear not because there is one more movie left this month to see. On Saturday, December 13th at 6:30 pm you’ll have the chance to bring the whole family to watch The Santa Clause.

Starring Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold and Wendy Crewson, Tim plays Scott Calvin, a man who inadvertently kills Santa Claus on Christmas eve and finds that he is recruited to take his place.

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