A Touch of the Euro at Charelli’s Cheese Shop, Delicatessen & Catering

Charelli’s Cheese Shop,
Delicatessen & Catering
2851 Foul Bay Rd
Victoria, BC 

Hours: Tues to Sat 10am–3pm
Phone: (250) 598-4794

Just why I haven’t been to this deli in the past, when I was studying Applied Communications (now Digital Communications) at Camosun College’s Lansdowne Campus simply boiled down to time. A fit person could race down the hill and hike back up it when there’s an hour to kill between classes, but I’m the roly-poly type who may not achieve it. Plus, I want to enjoy my lunch more than to scarf it down before resuming my work in the a/v edit suite or be in class. Eating during session is obviously discouraged.

This operation opened back in 2003, and I’ve been aware of it for a long time. I needed a proper reason (other than being hungry) to head down, and when I heard they sold truffle oil flavoured potato chips–I was there faster than a bee to a spring flower!

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Pie One in Victoria and Bubby Rose’s

Bubby Rose’s
1022 Cook St
Victoria, BC

Hours: 7am to 6pm
Phone: (250) 472-8229

Bubby Rose’s Bakery is an operation that needs multiple visits in order to appreciate its wide and varied menu. Unless I’m going to Langham Court Theatre for a show, I have to make the trek to the edge of town for a bite. During Victoria Fringe Festival time, it’s worth the 6-minute walk up and down the hill to grab a bite. I snagged a slice of pizza in one visit, but I feel this is not enough to judge. At another time, I had their egg salad and it’s tops! To go through the list, it’s nearly fruitless–this place is a must. I highly recommend the Bubbymosa. It’s a curry baked into a wonderfully tasty pastry!

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Broughton Street Deli Blues

BroughtonDeli1Broughton Street Deli
648 Broughton Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 380-9988

J: Broughton Street Deli is one of those places I’ve always wanted to try but I could never get to its location at the right time. It has to do with their early closing hours. They’re a daytime operation but I’m sure they would make at least some money if they were open on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes people going to the bars or movie theatres (what few of the theatres there are left) don’t need the hassle of the full dining experience. Some people just want a quick bite to eat that isn’t McDonald’s.

E: By some fortune, we managed to come in here when the place was empty of all life. But when the operation only had another half hour left before closing, maybe a quick bite to eat elsewhere seemed to be the better idea. Upon walking in, James and I were treated to a sign purporting that this operation offers authentic Montreal smoked meat.

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[Vancouver, BC] Late Night Bites at Urban Fare

qTlEcbqD_400x400Urban Fare
305 Bute St

Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-5831

J: I’ve been to many supermarkets and some impress me with their food, some impress me with their services, and some impress me with both. And while Ed and I were in Vancouver staying at the Marriott Pinnacle, I found a supermarket with all the qualities I was looking for. Urban Fare on Bute is pleasing to the eye both in their food selection and the design of the store. It doesn’t have that giant American supermarket feel.

It feels more intimate and it won’t be causing this Hungry Bloke any stress should I shop here. And it is not just the layout of the store that makes me feel welcome, the staff were exceptional in their service and very warm to a stranger like me. I’m glad I took the initiative and investigated this place for a bite to eat. Ed, fortunately, had both legs to walk in the store with had he not gnawed them off during his food deprivation.

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Lunn’s, the Jewel in Sidney’s Crown

Lunn’s Pastries Deli & Coffee Shop
2455 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-1724

E: Try as we might for two years along with  James’ ability to put ideas off for the last minute,  at long last we arrived at Lunn’s in Sidney! I thought we’d have to become senior citizens by the time we’d arrive in this popular dining spot.

Is it fate? or simply because James is on vacation? I think it’s the task of getting him to leave the cozy atmosphere of Langford to enter into another township.

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