Broughton Street Deli Blues

BroughtonDeli1Broughton Street Deli
648 Broughton Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 380-9988

J: Broughton Street Deli is one of those places I’ve always wanted to try but I could never get to its location at the right time. It has to do with their early closing hours. They’re a daytime operation but I’m sure they would make at least some money if they were open on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes people going to the bars or movie theatres (what few of the theatres there are left) don’t need the hassle of the full dining experience. Some people just want a quick bite to eat that isn’t McDonald’s.

E: By some fortune, we managed to come in here when the place was empty of all life. But when the operation only had another half hour left before closing, maybe a quick bite to eat elsewhere seemed to be the better idea. Upon walking in, James and I were treated to a sign purporting that this operation offers authentic Montreal smoked meat.

If it wasn’t for the fact I was being stingy (am I turning Scottish?). I didn’t want anything expensive to nibble on. James and I ate our way from Oak Bay to Downtown Victoria, and just how he manages to put away all that food in one day is beyond me.

The cheapest thing on the menu was a B.L.T., and maybe I should have forked over another couple of dollars for maybe something tastier. A sandwich born out of traditional grocery store staples is not a good sign.

BroughtonDeli2J: This place also does poutine and perhaps a return visit will mean I can sample the curds for Two Hungry. But for the sandwich, there was no celebration for what was brought out. Although the lettuce was crisp, the bacon lacked any real flavour. It is possible the bacon was a bad batch. I chose to have mine on white toasted bread but it was so dry. I think maybe it was a tactic to prompt me to spend more money on drinks. But being Scottish I held fast, I would’ve satisfied myself on the crumbs and not pay an extra $2.

E: Yes, James can eat for me. I doubt I really want to return here. Although this place is a stone’s throw away from the Victoria Conference Centre, with $7 – $12 meals that can be made to go, the jury is still out. Maybe I should have gone to the Montreal smoked meat. Had a pickle been offered with the B.L.T., I might have been able to render a verdict.

Instead, all I can say right now (until I’m told wrong), Maple Leaf bacon is not all that delicious. I’ve been spoiled by very good pig parts from the butcher so it’ll be tough to drag me into any more sandwich shops. James really wanted to visit this place but I was a little pig, squealing with utmost resistance.

Hopefully, the next time will mean going to a public market.

2 Blokes out of 5

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