Is LANtasy offering a Taco Revolution?

IMG_4128Varying locations in Duncan, BC
(250) 244-6492

Would you believe I went to a broad spectrum gaming type event just for the food trucks parked here? I had this plan in mind ever since LANtasy announced the Duncan-based operation, Taco Revolution, will be coming down to feed the hungry masses. Between this truck and Coast Lunch Box (they have really tasty rosemary garlic fries with truffle oil aioli), I had my motivation in place although I was not all that hungry for the show itself. I’m saving up for Seattle‘s Emerald City Comicon — every dollar counts when I’m thinking about current foreign exchange rates.

With help from my friends at VicLUG, I changed my mind the next day because I truly appreciate what this gaming convention is doing for the local geek community. When I’ve been spoiled by the big conventions with a huge variety of exhibits and discussions, to go back to basics is difficult. Even the local events can be spectacular when done right, but when this exhibition did not offer panels this year for folks to learn about the latest rumblings in the industry, well …. This detail will be corrected for future events tho’. When I go to a show, I like to learn and discover. I wrote an article on, where I looked at the show from the perspective of an outsider instead of someone immediately in the know.

I too felt affected by the sour impression the staff of Island Fantasy Con left upon the fan community when they took over the reigns and announced the cancellation after Bill Code fell deathly ill. He was no longer in control. I’m not as upset as others are, but with Mr. Code as the face of that operation, he needs to make a statement to clear the air. Whatever the reaction is, I’m sure voices will be heard calling for a revolution.

New people who know how to properly run a nerd convention in this town are needed and I believe to have Taco Revolution present suggests the folks behind LANtasy want this change to occur. I was told by the owner that his operation was invited by one of this show’s chiefs (he’s good buddies with one of them) to come down from mid-Island. Perhaps it’s this committee’s way of saying only good things will come of this inaugural event. More information can be found on about their goals. I’m glad the food operations were here so I could sample their regionally sourced delights. You can buy them for $4 apiece or $11 for three.

I loved the beef in the Tacos Americanos. The smoky taste coupled with the crispy lettuce, tangy tomatoes and sharp onions over a homemade soft tortilla left me craving for more. Including cilantro and the right amount of source cream on top made for a nice presentation and it gently helped balance the flavours. Comparisons can always be made about portioning the ingredients onto the tiny shell. A taco is typically eaten in a few bites. What I tried to lift fell apart. As much as I like to appreciate the extra amount, no taco should have the fillings completely drop away upon lifting it off the plate and towards a diner’s mouth (I was holding it right).


The Cochinta Pibil (pulled pork) fared better when proportioning the filling. Perhaps they were running out of the meat. Although it tasted a little dry, I did not mind since the tiny piece of lime (shouldn’t it be bigger?) squeezed over it helped bring out the flavour. I loved the taste of the pickled onion!

I believe what Taco Revolution offered during LANtasy are their basic staples. They don’t vary what’s offered often. When they do, I’m there! A look at their website suggests a wider variety when they are at their usual location at either Red Arrow Brewery or Whippletree Junction. I’m interested in their designer inventions, but that means going out to Duncan whenever I hear they are offering steak or oyster instead of their usual trinity of meats. Their tacos are just as good, if not better than Puerto Vallarta Amigos.

If I find a place that offers the exotic, like adding cactus on top, I’ll become a regular. I don’t think ghost peppers are the norm, but I am willing to try the strange — meal worms anyone? The Bug Tacos offered at Don Bugito in San Francisco, California has me considering a trip to that culinary hub if I can’t find it at home.

3½ Stars out of 5


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