Some BC Ferries’ Sailing Needs Revisiting, namely their Pacific Buffet


E: I’ve done the BC Ferries Pacific Buffet on and off over the years when I’ve missed a meal in trying to get to the ferry on time. Sometimes in my planning, arriving can be a close call, but other times — especially with James around — we have a sizable gap as wide as his belly.

To err is human but to eat a man’s worth of delicious ferry food (insert sarcasm here) requires watching James stumble when the ferry tips over because of some ocean wave.

J: All of Ed’s mocking aside, we made it early to the ferry that was to depart to Vancouver. I hadn’t much of a breakfast to digest and paying almost $8 for an egg salad sandwich at the Swartz Bay terminal would require a lobotomy on my part. I was hungry but not at those prices. And the idea of eating in the cafeteria on the ferry wasn’t appetizing either. For a man like me, the buffet is a cheaper option.

E: Technically we missed the breakfast buffet. I would have OD’d on bacon, sausage and eggs with lots of OJ to give me the vitamins needed to wash away any convention sludge that may occur either going to the big city or coming home. Sadly, BC Ferries has never put my favourite part of the pig on the menu. On this trip to Vancouver, we’re there to visit and take on the sights than attend a concert or event. Mind you, watching James pack away five dishes worth of food is a show in itself.

The lunch buffet is quite good. There was braised salmon, pasta (ravioli), salmon filet, steamed cod, mashed potatoes, balsamic rice, and veggies — he ate for the both of us, while I foraged like a rabbit, nibbling on spinach, carrots and beets. Half of what I ate is something I’d expect for dinner than lunch! I reviewed this place before and will have to say not much has changed. The menu selection does not get varied by much, but for prime seats (which we got), yes, James got to stretch his legs.


J: Now it is the only way for me to travel. The idea of paying roughly $19 for a lunch buffet (breakfast is $1 less) and to be able to watch the sea spray from the comfort of an uncrowded table, I’ll try to take all of my sailings in the restaurant from now on.

Pacific Buffet had a tidy spread. I could choose from lunch to salads and from deserts to drinks. The dessert buffet was mind bogglingly huge. I went overboard with the deserts but not as much as I did the lunch. I believe much of my voyage (up to 90 minutes) was spent relaxing and eating. The winner was the roasted mushroom ravioli with tomato cream sauce. I went back for seconds and then for thirds. Although I was not taken by the salmon, I did warm up to the peppered steamed cod with olive.

E: When considering James’ whale of an appetite, he made me feel like a Brontosaurus that day. The greens were very good, reasonably fresh. the baby shrimp could have been better and I did wish there was blue cheese salad dressing. But when it came to hitting the sugar buffet, I could have an instant death by chocolate moment if I wanted to. Is there something wrong with me being conservative? Well, I’d return to hitting the buffet at a different time other than the lunch/dinner… for me it’s the brekky that I want. All those eggs… lovely eggs. And if this company ever decides to finally put bacon on the menu, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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