Some BC Ferries’ Sailing Needs Revisiting, namely their Pacific Buffet


E: I’ve done the BC Ferries Pacific Buffet on and off over the years when I’ve missed a meal in trying to get to the ferry on time. Sometimes in my planning, arriving can be a close call, but other times — especially with James around — we have a sizable gap as wide as his belly.

To err is human but to eat a man’s worth of delicious ferry food (insert sarcasm here) requires watching James stumble when the ferry tips over because of some ocean wave.

J: All of Ed’s mocking aside, we made it early to the ferry that was to depart to Vancouver. I hadn’t much of a breakfast to digest and paying almost $8 for an egg salad sandwich at the Swartz Bay terminal would require a lobotomy on my part. I was hungry but not at those prices. And the idea of eating in the cafeteria on the ferry wasn’t appetizing either. For a man like me, the buffet is a cheaper option.

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The Journey Begins

Road trips are fun, but sometimes it sucks to wait for a ferry to get Islanders off this rock. Let’s face it, while Vancouver Island can’t be done as a three hour tour, at least there are chances to go explore and do stuff, even if it’s at the Swartz Bay BC Ferry Terminal.

Yvonne and I wandered the market that was surrounding the building where Land’s End cafe is located. And we found two places to start our culinary journey.

Not often do we touch tourist food, but with a name like Galloping Goose Sausage Company attached to the hot dog stand, I had to try it out. The garlic smokie I tried was pricey. At $6.75, it managed to hold my appetite for quite some time, especially with my next meal nearly 5 hours later. That had to be damned good meat (on a whole wheat bun) in order for that to happen.

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