The 2016 Emerald City Comicon & Sakuracon Foodie Survival Guide

Emerald City ComiconThe best thing to know about Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) or Sakuracon at the Washington State Convention Center is that there are great nearby places to dine in before or after the show. People don’t have to go eat at the overpriced Cheesecake Cafe. I liked them once, but there are better options for the frugal con-goer.

The convention centre food is okay if you like waiting in long lines, but if you walk a few blocks away, there are food trucks. I’m not sure if they will be back this year for ECCC, but I’m not waiting hours in line when there’s a panel or autograph signing I want to be on time for. However, if venturing out of the building is required, there’s the nearby Blue C. Sushi (1510 7th Ave) and La Creperie Voila — the latter is convenient because it’s right in front of the convention center. I’ve been told Saley’s (800 Olive Way) is better and that’s a place I’ll have to try to hit if my schedule allows for it. Three blocks down is Gourmet Dog Japon (2nd Ave & Pike St) has become my favourite. Sometimes, another food truck is parked in this lot. Starbucks is also close for those in need for that taste of Seattle, with free wi-fi, and as for any place else, the dining options get slightly more expensive.


Sadly Top Pots Doughnuts (720 3rd Ave Suite 100), a sponsor of ECCC a few years ago and this year (they were added nearly last minute), is not nearby. People who have opted to get a hotel further away will find that they will be in for a walk, approximately 15-25 minutes, but if they follow the path on 2124 5th Avenue (about eight blocks away), there’s one to stop by for sweets before the convention starts. Or during the show, they can hit the operation about four blocks away (1206 Madison St). Sadly, the 5th Avenue operation closes early. I can’t speak for the other ones since I haven’t passed by them in the years I’ve been playing musical chairs with hotels. I’ll visit them if they are conveniently nearby. Grabbing the needed morning sugar is recommended over looking for a night bite.

There’s plenty of restaurants and eateries that exist even further. Just how spoiled a foodie wants to get boils down to whether that $30 should go to a meal or to purchase the many comics, toys or books sold at the said show. For me, it’s a challenge. I treat myself to one fancy meal while in Seattle. In that vein, I recommend Wild Ginger (1401 3rd Ave) and Japonessa (1400 1st Ave,). They are further away and dining there is expensive, but well worth it! For breakfast, I definitely recommend Biscuit Bitch (1909 1st Ave) by Pike Place Market. They offer meals that will keep any nerd going for a good half day!

In this city, I recommend exploring and letting your nose lead the way after the shows. At least for what’s nearby, I’ve sounded off in what I’ve decided to become my regular stops in the past five years I’ve been regularly visiting this city for their conventions.


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