Pie One in Victoria and Bubby Rose’s

Bubby Rose’s
1022 Cook St
Victoria, BC

Hours: 7am to 6pm
Phone: (250) 472-8229

Bubby Rose’s Bakery is an operation that needs multiple visits in order to appreciate its wide and varied menu. Unless I’m going to Langham Court Theatre for a show, I have to make the trek to the edge of town for a bite. During Victoria Fringe Festival time, it’s worth the 6-minute walk up and down the hill to grab a bite. I snagged a slice of pizza in one visit, but I feel this is not enough to judge. At another time, I had their egg salad and it’s tops! To go through the list, it’s nearly fruitless–this place is a must. I highly recommend the Bubbymosa. It’s a curry baked into a wonderfully tasty pastry!

This establishment is a bakery foremost. When I’m nearby, the scents are decadent. I feel like I’m floating on cloud nine and the breeze, if it was stronger, could blow my heavy body in. When coming here for the pies, the choices are always seasonal. I have yet to stop by during Autumn. I keep on trying to promise to myself to come here during this time to try their pumpkin pie. I’m not the type to dwell on the past but I have to emote a James Shaw-style mannerism. With Lunn’s Bakery and Deli in Sidney, BC sadly gone, that taste of old fashioned cooking is hard to find. That is, not a lot of places can bake that pie just like Ma Kent.

Some places in town come close. Bubby is right up there for perfection, but there are others I have yet to find and sample from. As soon as I can decide on a spot to regularly visit in Victoria, BC, I will update.

4 Blokes out of 5

Postscript: In Part Two, I have identified a place in Seattle that I have to return to. When I spotted a drawing of Shaggy Rogers of Scooby Doo fame endorsing pie, I paused for more than a minute to take a step back and drool at the window. As scary as that cartoon image is, that’s how I felt!


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