[Vancouver, BC] All Tap & No Barrel at the Convention Center?

Tap & Barrel
Convention Centre Location
76-1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Phone: (604) 235-9827

The Tap and Barrel is a contemporary pub located to one corner of the Vancouver Convention Centre and it’s conveniently placed for hungry visitors to any event, namely Fan Expo Vancouver, to hit. Even after summertime shows like Anime Revolution (taking place Aug 9 to 11), I’m sure this place is bustlin’.

The prices are very reasonable for the standard staples that feed budget minded con-goers. There’s hamburgers, fish and chips and sandwiches. For a quick breakfast, I got all the fuel needed to tackle the said convention without having to venture far. Until the organizers decide to switch buildings, this eatery is a less than a stone’s throw away.

As a place to hit after any convention centre event, like the Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show (Feb 29 – Mar 1, 2020), they have a great selection of wines and beers to choose from. There are lots to select from and that’s why this place is famous. Some may opt to hit other nearby pubs, but for those not wanting to venture far, they have a corner stop to wind down at.

33 Acres is a local distillery which caught my eye during my visit. The “Ocean blue” caught my eye; it’s tailored to reflect the qualities of what it means to live in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a light drink and the pine accents tickled my nose.

I ordered the Peanut-Lime Chicken. These chunky crisps were simply over the top. Had flour tortillas been offered, I would have made a few wraps. The crushed peanuts was definitely a nice touch and the lime made the meal sing. The chefs went overboard on the jalapenos and it could be toned down a notch than driven up to Kung pow levels. (There were wraps I could’ve ordered, but I was looking for a simple appie at the time). The bitterness of the beer did not complement the meal tho’, It was my fault as, like wine, require specific culinary pairings.

The next day, brunch was needed. I arrived with my friend and she ordered Grilled Cheese & Tomato Bisque–which smelled great. I ordered a basic Bacon and Eggs. No garnishes were added and I did not expect any. The bread was certainly fresh, and I made my own open-top sandwich to nibble on. The tots were certainly non-McCain, always a worry for me when ordering from any pub. If I were to jazz it up a notch, I’d use black sesame oil.

I wished they offered thick cut bacon. I find these are far tastier. The basic meal was none too fancy, and it was enough to keep me going until dinner. The next time, I’ll have to try their pulled bacon benny. When I do return, I’ll be after some Southern Fried Chicken Burger. I had a late start to the day and did not want to miss any of Fan Expo Vancouver’s main panels. Coming here afterwards is a better choice, because of the thought of this burger has me wanting to come back sooner than later. Who doesn’t like southern style cookin’?

3½ Blokes out of 5


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