Pie Two in Seattle, WA Near Capital Hill

nullSeattle Pie Bar
1361 E Olive Way
Seattle, WA 98122

Hours: 6pm to 1am
Phone: (206) 257-1459

Very few late-night operations exist near the Seattle Convention Center and the hotels surrounding it. As long as folks want to explore, they exist. I’m not talking about bars… well, technically The Pie Bar is just that and their unique alcoholic cocktail offerings have me intrigued!

When I see window art featuring Shaggy Rogers of Scooby Doo fame endorsing this operation, I knew I had to stop and make five steps back. I associate him with tackling huge sandwiches the size of the Eiffel Tower which he downs in one gulp. As for other gourmet treats, that depends on which version of the cartoon one grew up with. I’ve followed the gang’s adventures for at least five iterations throughout the years.

On the night I was in Seattle (I was here for Sakuracon), I needed something to cool myself down after a very spicy meal. I lusted for their mud or banana cream. It was listed on their menu by the side of the window. At the window where people order from, it was sadly crossed out even though other folks pointed out there was one of the two cooling down. If I stepped in, just maybe. Instead, I opted for take-out.

The tip here is to be here early instead of very late into the night. Even though I did not get the pie I wanted, the strawberry rhubarb hit all the right notes. The buttery shell, the sweet ever so plump strawberries (they are just coming into season) and streusel topping were in perfect harmony. I think it’s best to leave the graphic details up to the imagination.

I saved some of her, er it, for breakfast cuddling. I definitely wanted more and can only imagine what their chocolate pecan is like; I love this particular nut and I adore hand-crafted ice cream. After sampling locally made desserts at other diners in town, I have to find out if Seattle Pie is in partnership with either Salt & Straw Ice Cream or Lopez Island Creamery. Both are terrific with their unique flavours and the alchemy would have been golden.

All the cooler dining options are past the highway, towards Capitol Hill than Pike Place Market. On a beautiful day, wandering the steep parts of the city makes burning off calories easier and I look forward to my next annual visit to see what else I will find in this part of the city.

4 Blokes out of 5


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