[Vancouver, BC] Late Night Bites at Urban Fare

qTlEcbqD_400x400Urban Fare
305 Bute St

Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-5831

J: I’ve been to many supermarkets and some impress me with their food, some impress me with their services, and some impress me with both. And while Ed and I were in Vancouver staying at the Marriott Pinnacle, I found a supermarket with all the qualities I was looking for. Urban Fare on Bute is pleasing to the eye both in their food selection and the design of the store. It doesn’t have that giant American supermarket feel.

It feels more intimate and it won’t be causing this Hungry Bloke any stress should I shop here. And it is not just the layout of the store that makes me feel welcome, the staff were exceptional in their service and very warm to a stranger like me. I’m glad I took the initiative and investigated this place for a bite to eat. Ed, fortunately, had both legs to walk in the store with had he not gnawed them off during his food deprivation.

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[Victoria Film Festival ’12] Food-related Movies made for Thought

Last year, I reviewed one food related film that was playing during the Victoria Film Festival. This year, there were more! I could have gone to them all but what stopped me was what something more intriguing: I had to decide between drama or documentary, and that was a tough one. I chose the latter because of the environmental messages being delivered.

The impact food wastage has on a global scale (and shortage too) is very serious, and I thought the documentary, Taste the Waste, made many important points that are also applicable in North America too. This movie primarily focuses in on the European Union. Just because one item in a packaged unit going to market looks like a mutant, it really should not be disposed of. That would put the rest of the good products in that unit to waste. With moldy products, that makes sense.

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From Downtown to Small Town, Cook Street Village

2015 Update:
This operation has permanent digs at: 1017 Blanshard St
Victoria, BC
(250) 889-5803

E: Our rainy day in Cook Street Village wasn’t over. And even though I was technically filled, I can always make room for tacos! At $2.50 a piece, La Taquisa has won both my heart and my wallet. As pricy as one piece sounds, it’s worth it. They press each soft shell right there while you wait, lightly heat it up, and put a good heap of filling on top. I opted for the Okanagan Valley beef and I savoured the taste.

I could have bought more, but I was simply craving a simple dessert.

J: I was more worried about the rainwater dripping off the roof onto the press. I think a pool had formed and our tortillas were being mixed into it. But mother nature did me no harm that day. Perhaps if I was in Los Angeles.

E: I’ve been to as far down as Anahiem to sample a few of Mexico’s signature dishes. But until I see cactus listed here, what this location offers is B.C. raised, if not grazed, products. For the most part, I’m really liking it. Even two tacos makes for a typical lunch. But next time, I’m going for their $10 meal deal.

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Not all of Thrifty Foods’ Sushi Measures up

The quality of the take-out sushi at Thrifty Foods is going to vary store-by-store. After two epic fails at the Shelbourne and McKenzie branch, I finally explored my options at the Hillside location.

Tuscany Village is slowly slipping off my radar in terms of quick bites. They still do a very mean fire oven roasted pizza when its fresh out of the fire, but with sushi, there are two other locales to sate my craving: Fujiya is about 1km down the road and the other Thrifty’s an extra 1.5km further.

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Going Mandarin or Japanese with Oranges

Sun Japanese Mandarin Oranges
Available at Costco and Thrifty Foods.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat but I’m eating something different. Do I mean chasing after some chocolate? No, I have some delicious traditional Mandarin oranges to suckle on. In all of my life, I’ve only ever tasted the Chinese products.

But today, I spied with my little eye the product from the Land of the Rising Sun. Could this particular box make for a better grown product? It’s red and it screamed “buy me!”

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How to do the Fringe Part 4: Going Club Med

Blair Mart Mediterranean Foods
924 Pandora Ave
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 721-1626

The fact that this grocery store is open after 8pm can easily have me singing the praises to Allah than that other deity. But if I am to look around the corner, I might find a shrine to Zeus tucked way and I’d still be awestruck.

To see this store still open (9pm) after Whiskey Bars: a kabarett with the songs of Kurt Weill must show that the staff has dedication. Actually, I think there’s only one guy who operates this store and he’s very accommodating to the night life in Victoria. People can venture in to buy groceries or grab a bite to eat nearly any time of the day. There’s a small deli serving up Halva’s, Nougats, and Baklavas. For me, it’d be the authentic and homemade Turkish Delights.

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