It’s the Great Pumpkin Pie-Off, Charlie Brown!

Victoria Pie Co.
770 Fisgard Street
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 885-5220

Lunn’s Bakery Deli & Coffee Shop
2453 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, B.C.
(250) 656-1724

Thanksgiving is upon Canada and while most folks enjoy a great oven roasted meal with family, I’m thinking about which of the two pumpkin pies I’ve sampled so far is the best. To be honest, I know more bakeries should be involved in this impromptu taste testing challenge, but until I hear about more great places to find pie, this particular verdict is going to be a bit biased.

Perhaps in the future, the test will include more bakeries that offer a great pie (sorry, but if you’re a grocery store chain, you’re not in the running). I could have gone to Dutch Bakery to add them to the list, but I don’t find everything they make to be exceptional. Hopefully readers will submit their choices of a little known bakeries that I’m not aware of that can challenge my taste buds.

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Lunns Bakery Has Pumpkin Pie! And its Delish

Lunn’s Pastries
Deli & Coffee Shop

2455 Beacon Ave 
Sidney, BC 
(250) 656-1724

My oh my, Lunn’s Pastries has pie, and it’s pumpkin to boot! Well, I’ve been told that they make the best pumpkin on this side of the 42nd parallel. Well, technically their coordinates are more like 48 degrees and 39.2′ North, and its well worth the trip to this seaside town to eat a pie that tasted like it came fresh from the patch.

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Third Time is the Charm at Sidney Bakery

Sidney Bakery
2507 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-1012

J: It appears that with Sidney Bakery the third time is the charm. My previous two visits (one per year) were horrible. This visit I was giving the bakery a final chance before I wrote them off.

From the oblivious chatty teenager behind the counter to the indifferent woman from last year, one would almost think one would need to act as Mordecai Richler’s famous Jacob Two-Two just to be served a lesser famous peppermint whoopee.

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Lunn’s, the Jewel in Sidney’s Crown

Lunn’s Pastries Deli & Coffee Shop
2455 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-1724

E: Try as we might for two years along with  James’ ability to put ideas off for the last minute,  at long last we arrived at Lunn’s in Sidney! I thought we’d have to become senior citizens by the time we’d arrive in this popular dining spot.

Is it fate? or simply because James is on vacation? I think it’s the task of getting him to leave the cozy atmosphere of Langford to enter into another township.

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Bring me Sunshine, Village Patisserie

The Village Patisserie
2217 Oak Bay Ave.
Oak Bay, B.C.

E: Little did I know that the Village Patisserie would also offer a variety of Persian delights. From soups to desserts, there was a lot that I couldve ordered.

But I was looking for a light snack, and my eyes quirked when I spotted a sweet priced at $2.60 for two. The zoolbia was delicious. It had a fine crystal-like structure. I could swear I was eating a honeycomb with none of the waxiness that some may think this dessert would have. After learning rose-water was used, I can see why.

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There and Back Again with Dutch Bakery

The Dutch Bakery
718 Fort St.
Antiques Row
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 385-1012
E: The Dutch Bakery is a good standby when James is late and needs a bite to eat. I was busy but by the time I finally met him an hour later, did I chew him out? Nope. A Flying Dutchman got in the way.

J: I was late with a good reason. Ed and I have a 2nd meeting place at Murchie’s where I knew he could be found in the company of freelance journalist Tim Colinson (he has many articles published in Monday Magazine).

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