It’s the Great Pumpkin Pie-Off, Charlie Brown!

Victoria Pie Co.
770 Fisgard Street
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 885-5220

Lunn’s Bakery Deli & Coffee Shop
2453 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, B.C.
(250) 656-1724

Thanksgiving is upon Canada and while most folks enjoy a great oven roasted meal with family, I’m thinking about which of the two pumpkin pies I’ve sampled so far is the best. To be honest, I know more bakeries should be involved in this impromptu taste testing challenge, but until I hear about more great places to find pie, this particular verdict is going to be a bit biased.

Perhaps in the future, the test will include more bakeries that offer a great pie (sorry, but if you’re a grocery store chain, you’re not in the running). I could have gone to Dutch Bakery to add them to the list, but I don’t find everything they make to be exceptional. Hopefully readers will submit their choices of a little known bakeries that I’m not aware of that can challenge my taste buds.

I enjoy a good pumpkin pie just as anyone would at this time of year. Lunn’s makes a great chilled pie which is served to you when you’re dining in. At Victoria Pie Company, you can also sit for a spell on this day for a sample of their pie. But ‘lest you want to take one home, good luck.

For this day, everything is being built to order to satisfy those hungry families about to have a nice warm meal around the dining room table. I have to give this latter operation kudos for managing to fill a last-minute order for a hungry Asian. By the time I returned to pick up, I noticed a chicken pot pie sitting loose in the range and I snagged it up like Link in the Super NES Legend of Zelda game, grabbing a chicken just to fly around and go, “Yipee!”

By the time I arrived home, both cooled down and were ready for consumption. Okay, over at my household, there’s no big family cook-off or dine-off, so I had to do something to get this day going appropriately. So it’s a pie-rates’ life for me to see how Victoria Pie Co. makes their version of this seasonal delight.

It’s different. I wasn’t quite sold on a hard crust right away, but I do admit its damn tasty. There’s a hint of olive oil that’s brushed on that I really like. And I can see this added flavour working in apple or meat pies more than a pumpkin. As for the filling, it’s just as succulent as in how Lunn’s makes them. The caramelization process that’s added to the taste is what sold me. Mind you, I’m having this pie plain, without whipped cream or ice cream to enhance the flavours. The addition of cinnamon and mace is very light, but I could detect it as an aftertaste. I doubt ginger is used and the overall taste is sublime than sweet. One pie is not enough, and I’m hoping that after the turkey day rush, this company will continue to make more until mid November.

I have to say both pies are tied so there is no clear winner.

When I’ve seen tons of pumpkins gracing the farms up along the highway to Sidney, BC, I can at least say, “Good grief, I hope that all of those pumpkins will not go to waste.” With luck, it’ll be used up in cooking all those delicious pumpkin products that I’m seeing at the various public markets and bakeries around town. Now that’s something this particular Charlie Brown can’t bemoan.


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