Cats and Coffee? What Can Go Wrong?

cats logo.pngCat’s Coffee & Cake
1213 Douglas St
Victoria, BC

Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Phone: (250) 590-1699

This cat certainly wants to come back to the cafe on Douglas Street because of the treats and sweets offered. Not only is the company logo designed by local artist Gareth Gaudin, but also I figure it’s his favourite hangout spot when not behind the till at Legends Comics. I believe they also offer catering services too, which is a bonus for any downtown operation wanting to support local enterprises. 


I was feeling peckish the day I was in town. The signboard detailing Cat’s Coffee & Cake specials caught my eye. Kimchi and bacon in a croissant sandwich? I knew it’d be a flavourful combination, but there was a small lineup. I had another errand to do and when I returned, there was none. 

At first I thought I’d be entering a cafe with cute felines around, but alas, that’s another operation in the works (Mask and Mantle Cat Cafe are still searching for the ideal location to set up shop). This operation is apparently a passion project of master pastry chef Yi Catherine Yang who decided to set up shop in the busiest intersection of Downtown Victoria. She’s well known in China as the host of several TV cooking shows. Through these programs, she’s been promoting culture through the exchange of how to make up flavourful treats. While she may not be living in this city and working this particular kitchen (her resume lists her as the creative force behind New York’s Gigi Blue), to have her endorsement is enough.


The decor is quaint and doesn’t convey the sense of the grandiouse as the Big Apple operation. 

Their lunch menu shows a lot of affordable quality bites and they are all perfect for anyone wanting a quick lunch before returning to work. My take out order was ready within 15 minutes to take home and eat.

The aforementioned sandwich was quite filling, and the balance between the distinctive flavours of the kimchi and bacon was even. The flaky bun was soft and cushy. I can easily wolf down two. Or I could go after the “dirty chocolate,” which according to the description: Our croissants have a stick of Belgian chocolate in the middle and are coated in a chocolate ganache, which is then sprinkled with cocoa powder. Choco-heaven!

They offer the traditional staples: parfaits, cheese rolls, cheesecakes, muffins, tarts and macarons (with a cat themed design with the latter). Most are made in-house, and if I had to decide on what to get next, it’d be their Oreo storm cake-in-a-cup and matcha flavoured cheesecake.


On my next visit, I will sample their drinks, though. They have quite the impressive list of summer themed drinks (at time of writing). I’m more curious about their Autumn flavoured menu as pumpkins will be everywhere. However, with nicknames like Iced Peaflower and Love Nectar Lemonade, I’m glad I have a week left before the official start of Fall. Other teasers include an iced honeycomb macchiato and osmanthus (a plant native to Asia which has a distinct sweet flavour). But it’s the blue matcha (pea flower) which has my curiosity.

Yes, my feline instincts are on fire with this vast variety offered in their drinks menu. They’re all worth sampling and I’m sure I’ll be in catnip heaven in no time.

5 Blokes out of 5


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