Lunn’s, the Jewel in Sidney’s Crown

Lunn’s Pastries Deli & Coffee Shop
2455 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-1724

E: Try as we might for two years along with  James’ ability to put ideas off for the last minute,  at long last we arrived at Lunn’s in Sidney! I thought we’d have to become senior citizens by the time we’d arrive in this popular dining spot.

Is it fate? or simply because James is on vacation? I think it’s the task of getting him to leave the cozy atmosphere of Langford to enter into another township.

J: Ed definitely has that wrong, my old stomping grounds of Hillside/Shelbourne was comfortable, both Oak Bay & Fairfield are comfortable and Sidney is definitely comfortable wheras Langford doesn’t suit me. I perfer sewer over septic, traffic over the many mad drivers that is Langford and I like a high percentage of stores open past 5pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

E: And the mere thought of freshly made pumpkin pie was the only reason he suggested we head out to Sidney on our last trip, only to be foiled by his planning. But in being here, I’m glad we were finally able to sample their food. I loved their beef sausage rolls. That was perfection in itself with a light and crispy coat to sink my teeth into.

J: My shrimp croissant was as fresh as it could get. The lettuce was crisp and the small shrimp tasted like they had been caught only a few hours pervious. And I was loving the green pea soup. It had a nice consistency and they used the right amount of pepper to compliment the taste.

E: The colour was definitely more natural, and I should see that with my bald eagle eyes. Well, while James enjoyed his sandwich, I was nearly slurping down the pea soup. It had a nice and thick consistency to it. The peppery kick was just right and gave the soup that enriched flavour. I could have gone back for seconds!

J: I topped my meal off with quiche lorraine. It was bliss… no, it was more like a night in with a Fawlty Towers and Blackadder marathon on KCTS9. I was loving the marinated mushrooms, broccoli and the cheese. And that cheese had a strong taste I just couldn’t shake (to be honest I didn’t want to). Oddly enough my tastebuds could swear there was a hint of seafood but there was none in the delight. Still it was a pleasant taste and I didn’t complain.

E: I think James just doesn’t have quiche that often. The taste he described is a familiar one, and I do agree, it was very tasty. When given our builds, we could have easily polished off everything offered on the hot plate.

J: I’ve had man a quiche my portly friend (and if he’s portly, I’m part of the matching set), but this is the best quiche I’ve had for some time. Make no mistake, there is a reason Lunn’s has been in business for over 30 years. The food is top notch and the place is warm and friendly. It’s the jewel in Sidney’s crown. And why not, where else do I get treated like royalty.

4 Blokes out of 5

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