Third Time is the Charm at Sidney Bakery

Sidney Bakery
2507 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC
(250) 656-1012

J: It appears that with Sidney Bakery the third time is the charm. My previous two visits (one per year) were horrible. This visit I was giving the bakery a final chance before I wrote them off.

From the oblivious chatty teenager behind the counter to the indifferent woman from last year, one would almost think one would need to act as Mordecai Richler’s famous Jacob Two-Two just to be served a lesser famous peppermint whoopee.

But now gone were the counters of old. The bakery was fully stocked (they serve coffee too), there were two people behind the counters. They were fast and friendly.

I’ll keep the pencil in my pocket. I thought no strikes will be marked today as each dessert tickled my fancy. As much as I miss the nostalgic look, I could learn to live with the new interior. And as a bonus to my visit I met the owner’s daughter. She has no plans to take over the family business (she’s leaving that to her brother) but she jokingly said she will come back for visits whenever she needs doughnuts.

E: And I’ll follow suit. The vast quantities of bread and sugary delights even tantalized me, and I’m difficult to please. While James opted for two sweets, I went after one. I should have gone for the cream than harder sugary stuff.

J: Sometimes it pays to follow my lead and although the peppermint whooppee wasn’t spectacular today, the cream croissant certainly was. Mixed with strawberry filling, I had no trouble sinking my teeth and perhaps much of my face into the pastry.

3 Blokes out of 5

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