Going Down on the Corner to River Roads Specialty Chocolates


To say that River Road’s Specialty Chocolates will cause euphoria is an understatement if their honey mead truffle is any indication. I love a sinful delight now and then, but for the best piece of chocolate to cause my knees to buckle and have tears well up in joy would entail certain details with fantasy lovers too x-rated to say in this blog. At least, in my sampling of the various products this chocolatier offered as James and I wandered the Victoria Public Market one day, I was sold.

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Lunns Bakery Has Pumpkin Pie! And its Delish

Lunn’s Pastries
Deli & Coffee Shop

2455 Beacon Ave 
Sidney, BC 
(250) 656-1724

My oh my, Lunn’s Pastries has pie, and it’s pumpkin to boot! Well, I’ve been told that they make the best pumpkin on this side of the 42nd parallel. Well, technically their coordinates are more like 48 degrees and 39.2′ North, and its well worth the trip to this seaside town to eat a pie that tasted like it came fresh from the patch.

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There and Back Again with Dutch Bakery

The Dutch Bakery
718 Fort St.
Antiques Row
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 385-1012
E: The Dutch Bakery is a good standby when James is late and needs a bite to eat. I was busy but by the time I finally met him an hour later, did I chew him out? Nope. A Flying Dutchman got in the way.

J: I was late with a good reason. Ed and I have a 2nd meeting place at Murchie’s where I knew he could be found in the company of freelance journalist Tim Colinson (he has many articles published in Monday Magazine).

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They Sell Chocolates Here Don’t They?

8bddb-harlenc2bchocolates2bdisplayHarlan’s Chocolates
100 Lower Ganges Rd.
Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 537-4434

E: I’d have to say no trip to Salt Spring Island on a warm summer day will ever be complete without a trip to Harlan’s Chocolates & Gelato.

This place can give Willy Wonka a run for his money, but instead of a gold certificate, it’s a munch card. And after 10 purchases, you get a prize.

J: Yes, there was a small line-up between me and my golden ticket (gelato) but it only made my picking of one among many interesting flavours more rewarding.

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Halloween Treats and Eats

Rocky Mountain
Chocolate Factory

1225 Government St.
Victoria, BC
(250) 382-8811

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it’ll be the cream filling that’ll keep dentists drilling if Halloween has any say.

Upon leaving Absolute Underground’s new digs in Trounce Alley today, dropping off my video edit of an upcoming Fun Guys episode—where I went mushroom hunting and cooking with my pal Brydon Parker—I walked by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s display of Halloween themed caramel apples. And oh boy, it did more than stop my heart.

I paused long enough and decided to go in to ask how much those monster-sized treats cost. As the image will show, I had to put a ruler next to the apple just to show how big they are. And At $11.99 before taxes, I thought why not? I’ve always wanted to take a bite back at all those zombie infested dreams I sometimes get.

I grabbed an apple that was plumper than my own fist and like a kid coming home with a large haul, I immediately nipped at this apple.

The caramel had a great smooth consistency that worked well with the delicious granny smith apple. While their chocolate is as good as Victoria’s own Rogers Chocolates, I wasn’t here to compare. Their cute use of white chocolate as a ribbon surrounding the apple was a nice touch, and I tasted combinations of dark and white at each bite.

And this is one apple I can’t finish off in a night. Well, that’s assuming I want to sleep at all. Maybe it’ll be candied apple dreams tonight.

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