Nevermore My Arse!

Raven Street Market Cafe
321 Fernwood Rd.
Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 537-2273

J: Raven Street Market Cafe is a 8½ km bus ride north of Ganges and it’s well worth the trip. With fantastic views of the north side, blue herons and the salty air, Ed and I arrived earlier than expected.

We were met by a kindly staff member who went above and beyond what’s considered good service. To occupy our time until the kitchen finally opened, which is at noon, we explored the beach off Walker’s Hook Road.

The late morning exercise put us in the mood for a satisfying meal.

Since I was unable to harvest any of the huge shellfish along the shore (they were poisonous), I felt I deserved some finer reward.

E: James found a beautiful piece of rose quartz that he gave me (what a pal), and the reward he was waiting for rested within the cafe. I bought an appy for us to share.

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Bistro at the Center of the Universe

Barb’s Bakery & Bistro
1-121 McPhillips Ave.

Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 537-4491

E: At the start of a new day, the only thing I could think of was enjoying some morning Salt Spring air and my next meal. I considered Salt Spring Coffee along with some bacon & eggs. After some quick inquiries, we walked down to Barb’s Buns, and oh how sweet and firm they were.

J: A local who worked over at Mouat’s Home Hardware told us Barb’s has the best coffee on the island. It was then Ed and I wished Yvonne was with us. She has a better appreciation for good coffee.

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Swinging on By to the Tree House

Tree House Cafe
106 Purvis Lane
Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 537-5379

J: People may have thought Ed and I were enjoying a holiday on Salt Spring but nothing could be further from the truth. We were there to sample the finest of what Ganges had to offer and in the spirit of things, test our gastronomical boundaries.

It was hard work lifting those strawberry cremes from Embe Bakery or digging for delicious noodles at the Salt Spring Noodle Bar & Curry House. After a hearty day and with sweat on our brow, it made sense to sample some drinks at the Tree House Cafe.

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Rice-A-Roni Never Tasted Like This …

cfcfe-riceballsHoly Moly, Roly Poly serves up some very mean rice balls. This fast food staple from Japan gets the Salt Spring Island treatment, and what stands out is the beautiful balance between the rice and the ingredients used. I’ve had fat rice balls before, which bury the shrimp (my favourite), and the thin ones, were … well thin.

When I bought them at the Tuesday Food Market, they carried flavours which I never saw back home in Victoria, have noticed in my short time in Japan, and have often desired. They even have rice balls named after local areas, likes Ganges and Salty Salt. True to form, the salt is used to preserve the rice so they can be saved for nibbling on days later.

Being Asian, I thrive on rice. Even though there have been times when I needed a sabbatical from tradition, Roly Poly makes me want to return to it … and become a lone, wandering, samurai.

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Thank You very much Mr. Sushi Roboto

salt spring rollArigato Sushi & Teriyaki
102-149 Fulford Ganges Rd.
Gasoline Alley
Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 538-1881

E: Even on an island as small as Salt Spring, I wouldn’t consider the visit complete without the prerequisite visit to a diner offering sushi. There were two choices that I could visibly see from the main drag: a questionable shack called Express Sushi 2 Go or Arigato Sushi & Teriyaki. I’m sure both are family owned, but it was the Salt Spring Roll which enticed me into braving the briny seas.

J: The family looked friendly enough but I think the jig was up for Ed and myself.

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Roll with It Baby!

Roll with It Baby!Salt Spring Noodle Bar & Curry House
149 Fulford Ganges Rd.
Gasoline Alley
Salt Spring Island, B.C.
(250) 537-1234

J: Noodle House wasn’t my first choice for lunch but I’m glad it was my last. Thanks to Bruce’s Kitchen, we were able to make a great discovery. The aromas wafting from an old style kitchen pulled Ed and I by our nose hairs into a large line-up of hungry patrons.

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