Roll with It Baby!

Roll with It Baby!Salt Spring Noodle Bar & Curry House
149 Fulford Ganges Rd.
Gasoline Alley
Salt Spring Island, B.C.
(250) 537-1234

J: Noodle House wasn’t my first choice for lunch but I’m glad it was my last. Thanks to Bruce’s Kitchen, we were able to make a great discovery. The aromas wafting from an old style kitchen pulled Ed and I by our nose hairs into a large line-up of hungry patrons.

We eagerly talked about what we could inhumanly devour until I pointed out the sight of the chef (please don’t let him be Bruce) as he wiped his sweaty forehead and upper lip with his hand. He walked into the back, perhaps to wash but there was already a sudden gust of wind and two new vacant spots in line.

E: That stroke of luck had us discovering a few doors up the quaintest take-out we could ever find, and it was cheaper too. For $10, I went for their Tuesday special–a Citrus Soy combo that offered a variety of flavours from Asia with a west coast flair. Toss in a healthy dose of snow peas, string beans, broccoli, and sautéed chicken, I was in heaven. Their in-house made noodles can easily put Noodle Box to shame.

J: Noodle Box puts in more sauce than noodle but here at Salt Spring Noodle House, the co-owner uttered those magical words, “Do you want the box open so you can have more food?”

If she could’ve only read my mind at that moment, somewhere inside there was a fat man yelling, “HELL YES!”

A teriyaki noodles with chicken and rice packed to the gunnels was handed over to me in no time and I squirreled it away to a small cafe table outside. I used chopsticks like little paws and dug ferociously. There was too much teriyaki and I had no complaints otherwise. The noodles were thin and the veggies tasted local.

E: And it was a race to see who could eat the fastest.

I savoured the mango pulp; it retained its fruity texture after the cooking process and I liked the fact that nothing got layered. I had no complaints with the heavy soy flavour. But when the saltiness got to me, the freshly made mango-lemonade juice simply hit all the right spots.

I just wanted to sit back and relax. James was giving me the eye … he was looking tired. We had only arrived into town a few hours ago, and even after all that gelato, he simply wanted to nap.

J: I can barely remember who won. Ed and I felt like Weebles after finishing our meals. I asked Ed if he would kindly roll me uphill to our hotel but he was just as incapacitated as I was, and eyeing another diner on the way back to our room.

4 Blokes out of 5

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