Thank You very much Mr. Sushi Roboto

salt spring rollArigato Sushi & Teriyaki
102-149 Fulford Ganges Rd.
Gasoline Alley
Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 538-1881

E: Even on an island as small as Salt Spring, I wouldn’t consider the visit complete without the prerequisite visit to a diner offering sushi. There were two choices that I could visibly see from the main drag: a questionable shack called Express Sushi 2 Go or Arigato Sushi & Teriyaki. I’m sure both are family owned, but it was the Salt Spring Roll which enticed me into braving the briny seas.

J: The family looked friendly enough but I think the jig was up for Ed and myself.

I could see okāsan eyeing us from behind the counter. Either she knew we were foodies in heat (or just out of the heat) or we weren’t local. The roll Ed and I had looked appetizing. It was a half and half, grilled eel and salmon with deep fried prawn and avocado inside the roll.

A complimentary sauce finished the presentation. It’s normally used for flavouring the eel but I didn’t know what to say when I saw it drizzled over the salmon as well.

E: I didn’t find that the kabayaki sauce worked with the salmon. On the eel, I was ready, able, and willing to gobble it up. The ingredients were fresh, and the eel a delightful, melt-in-your-mouth experience. As for the rest, it was a mixed bag.

At least they got the rice down right, and I loved the black and brown sesame seed sprinkles.

J: I concur, the eel was the best part of the meal. But since this place is located across from Ganges Park and so close to Noodle House and Bruce’s Kitchen, one has to wonder if they are open year round.

Salt Spring is a great place during the summer, full of interesting locals, tourists, hippies and freebies but what about the winter? Christmas on Salt Spring, now that is something I must see.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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