Swinging on By to the Tree House

Tree House Cafe
106 Purvis Lane
Salt Spring Island, BC
(250) 537-5379

J: People may have thought Ed and I were enjoying a holiday on Salt Spring but nothing could be further from the truth. We were there to sample the finest of what Ganges had to offer and in the spirit of things, test our gastronomical boundaries.

It was hard work lifting those strawberry cremes from Embe Bakery or digging for delicious noodles at the Salt Spring Noodle Bar & Curry House. After a hearty day and with sweat on our brow, it made sense to sample some drinks at the Tree House Cafe.

On my last trip six years previous, Tree House was packed with homo sapiens of all ages and no branch to spare for a Neanderthal such as I.

E: I was ready to go Cro-Magnon myself. But after what we ate at the Noodle House, we were both like sloths than subspecies of the genus homo. Okay, so I’m more educated than James, but don’t tell him that.

J: You’re lucky I don’t know what a genius homo is.

We ordered two sodas, Ed’s was a Cherry Cola ($2.50) while I had a nice Italian Cream Soda with cherry flavouring ($2.80). I was disappointed. 1/3 of the cup was filled with ice and the surprise inside wasn’t a cherry but a small black hair on one of the ice cubes.

I present to the courtroom exhibit A. Although I’m balding, my hair is not black. But before noticing my forensic Kinder Surprise, it was absolutely delicious. The Cherry flavouring was strong and with the right amount of sweetness. I could have ordered more had I not received the booby prize.

E: The elixir that I had really made for a nice smooth, creamy, taste. I didn’t get any surprises.

I savoured the last bits of the day at Ganges Harbour, listened to the gulls, watched James fume, and sipped my club soda. Without all those preservatives that’s typically found on a cola, this was one drink I could drink all day and night without having to blush.


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