[Vancouver, BC] Don’t Cry for Me Memphis Blues BBQ

memphisblueslogo_400x400Memphis Blues BBQ House
430 Robson St
Vancouver, BC

Hours: 11am to 10pm
Phone: (604) 682-6220
Multiple Locations in Lower Mainland

One criticism people raised down south (from the States) around Louisana often make when they see an establishment that’s not from the region and based out of another country is if the food is authentic, or are they trying to go for a schtick to get folks not from the region in?

Memphis Blues BBQ faces that challenge. Can they convince a West Coast boy like me or cajole friends of mine, who are from the South (but moved here for a cooler climate or other reasons), that they truly did bring the tastes of the region up to the Pacific Northwest so they can be reminded of home? I know two: one born in Texas (she now lives up island) and a Facebook buddy who was from there. I discovered this place while in Vancouver for a concert and did not want to wander far from my hotel to sate certain cravings. I love ‘gator, crawfish and gumbo. This diner has one out of the three. Maybe on another visit, I can try Le Crocodile, a really expensive upscale place to make comparisons between budget and trendy. I’m okay with this franchise operation. I went to their lunch stop on Robson.

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The Seven Hour Tour … to Tropical Island?

Tropical Island
3690 Shelbourne St #1
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11am to 2:30pm, 5pm to 9pm
Phone: (250) 477-2538

DK: We wanted thick toast in a floral tea bar that rides shotgun with a fitness studio. Instead, we got fried milk and Usher & Lil Jon’s “Yeah” soundtracking voyeursque video of a woman doing squats (I was snooping on the table behind us). More on the tea bar in a future mission. For now, we discuss the compromise.

Tropical Island has an air of reliable tameness that seems to make it popular with old people and families. Buffet fare served a la carte is the general vibe.

ES: I don’t recall how long this operation has been around along the Shelbourne Street corridor, but in all my years living in this municipality, have I thought about going? It certainly looks popular, as Don has said, because of the many apartments nearby. The service is nice and friendly. The food is a mix of various Southern Asian influences.

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Going Cukoo for Kuku’s

Kuku’s Take Out & Delivery
24 Burnside Rd. West
Saanich, BC
(778) 430-5858

J: Ed and I found ourselves in the Harriet/Burnside area which is where my old stomping grounds were. I fondly remember local streets like Cloverdale before they were industrialized.

As a child I walked along the train tracks that once existed half way down Cloverdale’s hill (now the Galloping Goose trail) which ran next to a creek that would freeze over for the winter. I remember the friends I made and the games we used to play. 1977 to 79 were some very good years for one to be a Canadian kid.

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Fast Food and the Fickle Finger of Fate

La Fogata Latina
749 View St.
Victoria, B.C.

J: Like the fickle finger of fate, my stomach is rarely satisfied with one incident and so it was a Colombian-influenced hot dog that was my next call of destiny. Pineapple sauce and crisps (chips for the non-British) is something that wasn’t as appealing as it sounded. If you’ve ever watched Red Dwarf then you’ve heard of Hitler’s infamous banana and crisps sandwich but would Adolf have switched to a pork cylinder in a bun and ruin his perfectly good mustache?

E: Or maybe that Colombiana cola which tasted as smooth as a a cream soda. I knew I had to take James to La Fogata Latina on my next visit to try out the rest of their menu. On my first visit, I tried their Mazorca ($4).

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Fast Bites at La Crêperie Voilà

La Crêperie Voilà
707 Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA
(206) 447 – 2737

A word to the wise, most fast foods need to be eaten after it’s made than saved for later. At La Crêperie Voilà, they are made on the spot and the scents are a delight to tickle the taste buds. Although they ran out of the ratatoulie late at night, I certainly hope this place is well stocked during the day for those hungry crowds looking for a lunch-time bite. At the rate this place is able to churn out a product, the time between order to delivery is very good.

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How to Eat at Pike Place Market on the Cheap

Pike Place Market
First Ave. & Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA

Pike Place Market has more than enough diners and international food operations to make finding a brunch easy. With me starting at the north end of the market and working my way down to the main entrance, with only $25 in my coat pocket, just where should I go?

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