Not Too Heung Up when Searching for Food at Shelbourne Plaza

Lin Heung Restaurant
3749 Shelbourne St
Victoria, BC

Phone: (250) 721-1398
Tues–Sun: 11 AM–9 PM

Available for pickup and delivery

In Gordon Head, lower Saanich, there is no shortage of Chinese and Asian restaurants (Purple Garden and Pho Ever are nearby) to visit. I was here getting a quick lunch before my relatives and I went Pokemon Go hunting, and this was before the pandemic was declared and the BC government said it’s time to socially isolate.

Lin Heung is a decent Cantonese style Chinese restaurant, and it’s been in operation in the southernmost part of Shelbourne Plaza for as long as I can remember.

I’ve popped in once or twice before. Between those past visits to now, they never really made enormous steps to improve. It’s a mom and pop operation which has their dedicated clientele, and I’m reminded more of having a soothing home cooked meal here than anything else.

I had the beef tripe and shrimp wonton soup. The noodles defined this meal and had the right kansui to make them flavourful. I like having lots of chopped green onions to go with these meals and it was in short supply this time. It’s nothing like what J & J Wonton Noodle House offers, where the whole bowl, liquid and all ended up in my stomach.

I can say the meal arrived fast. The condiments that were offered on every single table helped kick the meal up a notch. I’m a sucker for chilli oil and that was what this dish needed. It could enjoy a few more pieces of dumplings to fill me up. This enormous bowl didn’t feel large enough!

Shelbourne Plaza has nearly every single taste from around the world represented by some mom and pop operation, big name fast food operations notwithstanding. A hop away is Phonomenal Cafe, and I love their Vietnamese Banh Mi. Very few operations will toast these tasty vinegar treats. Up the block on Cedar Hill X is a Middle Eastern grocery store and cafe. In that section is Kuma Noodles. Across the street is 1550s. Across the street from a Pizza, and next to a Mediterranean clubhouse (which sells food during lunchtimes) is Fujiyas. They are terrific for staying open for those wanting sushi for takeout. The line-up to get in is less than 30 minutes and is worth the wait when the craving hits.

3 Blokes out of 5


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