A Blast with the Past with Mr Mikes

985 Whirlaway Cres
Langford, BC

Hours: 4–9p.m.
Phone: (250) 590-3222

Available for Take Out by phone (menu)

Going to Mr Mikes Steakhouse Restaurant is a blast of the past–a tradition from my youth. This franchise operation is renowned for their burgers and it was sad when they nearly disappeared from the local landscape in Victoria, BC in the late 80s. Like Fuddruckers, both operations were very well known and the quality was a step above what the fast-food joints offered. To make a comeback will be tougher.

I’m not just thinking of the current covid-19 stay at home order to flatten the curve and whether diners are fussy. This company needs an advertising campaign to let old timers like me (yes, I’m admitting it) that they are still around.Tucked away in Langford and a good walk down the hill from Costcos is one of Vancouver Island‘s two operations. The other is located in Duncan. A downtown Victoria location is supposedly in the works. The waitress I spoke to said that’s the plan, but it’ll take time.

The rebranding to become Steakhouse Casual certainly puts Montana’s to shame but as for trying to beat The Keg, I can’t say. All the memories of what this brand meant to me, and their classic burger, will certainly have me debating with pals I’m still in contact with since elementary school. The decor of this Mr Mikes and The Keg on Quadra will have me wanting to chat with old friends to see what they think. In the meantime, I did have a fond time reminiscing with Steve, a high school friend about ol’ times, what we’re doing now, and what’s changed since he’s moved back to Victoria.

I forgot about how their hamburgers are designed. The oval garlic loaves means it can hold more product! Their secret sauce is what defines their burger than the product within. I wouldn’t call them designer burgers and overall, it was comfort food jacked up due to the flavour of their baked bread.

The meal included a fair portion of fries–a miracle by my standard–than overloaded, and to add a fresh garden salad made for a more balanced meal than not. I’d definitely come back to have their steak. You can’t have steaks delivered, but when this pandemic is over I’ll be back to have it fresh and piping red from the grill!

4 Stars out of 5


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