One Man Star Wars Special Livestream Event on May 4th

May the 4th will soon be upon us for those Star Wars fans who understand the reference. Usually, this day will mean a lot more than just enjoying the nine film saga at home. With movie theatres shut down due to Covid-19 and mass gatherings not the norm, Charlie Ross is giving back to fans in the best way possible–a livestream of his One Man Star Wars act. Reviews and interviews of this talented performer’s other One Man shows can be found on, here (on Stranger Things) and here (chat).

Ross will be performing from UVic’s Farquhar Auditorium at 5 p.m. (PST) on May 4 and interested parties can bookmark the streaming page here.

It”s not updated (yet) to include all nine films, but should that ever happen, a lot of us fans will be there! His show highlights the original trilogy, Episodes IV: A New Hope to VI: Return of the Jedi.

In the meantime, this University of Victoria (UVic) alumnus is giving something back in this special. He is collecting donations (by clicking here) that will go to this campus’s COVID-19 Emergency Bursary Fund. This program will help students struggling right now, because of the pandemic. Not everyone is able to find work or continue to work as certain industries have shut down. This program is also there to help mental health and child care services. Donations to be made online here.

Even under the watchful eyes and ears of Disney management, Ross has official permission from Lucasfilm Ltd. to continue performing this well loved show.


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