A Blast with the Past with Mr Mikes

985 Whirlaway Cres
Langford, BC

Hours: 4–9p.m.
Phone: (250) 590-3222

Available for Take Out by phone (menu)

Going to Mr Mikes Steakhouse Restaurant is a blast of the past–a tradition from my youth. This franchise operation is renowned for their burgers and it was sad when they nearly disappeared from the local landscape in Victoria, BC in the late 80s. Like Fuddruckers, both operations were very well known and the quality was a step above what the fast-food joints offered. To make a comeback will be tougher.

I’m not just thinking of the current covid-19 stay at home order to flatten the curve and whether diners are fussy. This company needs an advertising campaign to let old timers like me (yes, I’m admitting it) that they are still around. Continue reading


What’s Paul Bunyon Doing in Canada at the Loghouse?

dan Aykroyd and Ed2323 Millstream Rd
Langford, BC
(250) 474-1989

The  Loghouse Pub
is a watering hole that many a local living near Western Speedway may visit. I’m not one of them, but when Liquor Planet had a product I really wanted to pick up (The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Gift Set which included Crystal Head Vodka — it’s a really smooth product BTW) and they had a very special guest visiting to promote the product, I made the cross city trek from my side of the island to theirs just to see what the fuss is about, and have a meal at the same time. In this area of the woods, a car is needed to head out and go home for those who live far away.

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Dining for Under Ten Bucks: Maiko Sushi

Maiko Sushi Restaurant
#119 – 877 Goldstream Ave.
Langford, B.C.
(250) 995-8432

It may be easy for someone from my generation to confuse the former Maiko Gardens with Maiko Sushi but apart from Maiko Gardens having served Japanese cuisine, there is little they have in common.

Mariko, owner of Maiko Sushi (now former owner, she just sold the restaurant) has a keen eye for creating decent decor and should seriously consider her future as an interior decorator. Her sense of style is pleasing to the eye from the Japanese influenced displays in her business right down to the brightly furnished and vibrant washroom.  But in this current day and age Maiko still has some growing to do before they could eve match what locals remember so fondly of the name’s predecessor.

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L’Authentique Poutine’s Second Life!

L’Authentique Poutine and Burger
Langford, B.C.

Just how much poutine can one bloke have? Fortunately, when the portions are decently sized, plenty!

As some readers may know, I love a good french fry. And very rarely will I venture into James’ territory, Langford, to test the places that he has no time to hit. That includes a food cart operation that touts some good ol’ fashioned poutine. While most of their food is touted to be made with the heart and soul of a native Quebecois, well, is that just fancy copy writing or is that true?

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Dagwoods Cafe

Dagwoods Cafe
#133-622 Goldstream Ave.
Langford, BC
(250) 590-4342

When I’m flying about on a Sunday morning and looking for bargains, I tend to get hungry. Money saved can sometimes be money spent on a nice meal. I had already purchased my usual amount of samosas from the Goldstream Flea Market and baked goodies from Three Sisters’ Tea Tyme Treats (also at the market) before the craving hit.

I needed something to fill me with the energy that I was lacking. Dagwoods Cafe was within eyesight of the market and it was open (that’s always a bonus).

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Westshore Hasn’t Gone Noodles!

The Noodle Box
Westshore Town Centre
2955 Phipps Road
Langford, BC
(250) 383-3322

I never liked the atmosphere at the Noodle Box’s Douglas St. location. The music was loud and it has the feel of a dungeon. Every time I walked in, I could never shake that feeling away. The strip of walkway where orders are picked up and where some people use to stand-and-wait was tight. That’s the only spot where one can hear that their order is ready.

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