What’s Paul Bunyon Doing in Canada at the Loghouse?

dan Aykroyd and Ed2323 Millstream Rd
Langford, BC
(250) 474-1989

The  Loghouse Pub
is a watering hole that many a local living near Western Speedway may visit. I’m not one of them, but when Liquor Planet had a product I really wanted to pick up (The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Gift Set which included Crystal Head Vodka — it’s a really smooth product BTW) and they had a very special guest visiting to promote the product, I made the cross city trek from my side of the island to theirs just to see what the fuss is about, and have a meal at the same time. In this area of the woods, a car is needed to head out and go home for those who live far away.

Loghouse 2014-03-15 11.02.58The Loghouse is aptly named to reflect what life in rural Canada during the colonial years was like. The decor certainly reflects an earlier time. Some of their dishes are named to reflect those times, but isn’t Paul Bunyan an American? This place must be suffering from schizophrenia because it lacks identity. Now if truly wanted to be 100% Canadian, this establishment would not offer a Sweet Thai Chicken Salad or California Wrap. I’d say 75% of their menu can be found offered elsewhere in slightly modified forms or under different names. Most of the dishes are traditional pub fare, but with a name like Paul Bunyon, would this breakfast offering fill me up like the giant of a man that he is?

Sadly, no. It did satisfy my appetite for maybe half an hour. I had whole wheat bread to go with my omelette. The flavours were mostly gentle than powerful, and the hash-browns were a tad dry. No amount of extra amount of ketchup and black pepper could save it. I didn’t get enough jam to go with my bread (I like to lay it on thick), and I was piling parts of the omelette on my bread in an attempt to finish my meal.  So maybe there was a way to save this meal. Paul Bunyan is a hero after all.

The next time I’m out here, maybe I’ll try the King Kong Burger just to see if its even aptly named. The Blackened Blue Beef sounds good too, but is that enough to drag me out from one side of the island to another? The Yukon Jack may not last long now that CHTT-FM 103.1 is no longer branded as JackFM. Now as KiSS 103.1, I wonder if they can become a heavy metal station? When considering that they are a Top 40 Station, the likelihood is slim, but I wonder if the management is maintaining relations with this out-of-the-way waystation? Well, I’m staying tuned for sure.

2015 Update: The Loghouse is currently being renovated and will be back in the new year.

3 Blokes out of 5


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