“Imagine” Spot Prawn Season in BC Starting Late …

Prawns | Sam Beebe | Flickr… will not prevent me from “breaking” quarantine to get my spot prawn on! It started this month for a variety of reasons, and when CTV News even reported the lineups on the mainland, all was quiet in my corner of the world at the operation where I get my seafood fresh. The succulent sweetness of this little crustacean is all I need to think about to make a beeline to Finest at Sea to pick up at least a pound’s worth for dinner tonight.

Along the way, I stopped by Imagine Studio Café for brunch–to get a bannock sammich–since I was waiting for the food truck in front of Finest to open. They have more take out random delights. The menu can vary day by day and as the name implies, it’s more of a learning environment for newcomers to the restaurant industry. Anyone who wants to cook up a storm here can.

From their webpage:

We at Imagine Studio Café, are a non-profit business cafe providing inclusive employment to young adults who may otherwise face barriers due to mental health, addiction, and homelessness. Our mandate is to provide employment and training opportunities, life and social skills training, coaching, and self-development programs for those who need a little more encouragement.

They are certainly worth the support. When you order a sandwich, it’s made on the spot. The bacon was nicely crisp, the egg had all the comfort from a cluck running loose in the barn, and the added trimmings wasn’t all that filling. It was your average sandwich. I needed to save some room for an oyster burger (shame it couldn’t be a po’ boy) next door.

In this day-journal entry from last week, I’m also offering up my favourite ways to cook up spot prawns. The best is always on the barbecue, but when mine is not ready for prime time, it’s the grill or oven for me. It’s a shame that in this current climate we can’t have a spot prawn festival like from years ago. At least I know how to fiesta it up at home!

The Bacon Hits the Spot Prawn

4 slices of bacon
4 cloves of garlics, smashed
1/4 cup of corn kernels
1 lb of spot prawns, live and whole.

Scale up or down if serving for more than two people.

Brown the bacon, saving the grease for cooking the prawns into, and set to one side when done. Cook corn to desired tenderness. With prawns, sauté. Add salt and pepper to taste. Alternatively, add garlic, cayenne pepper and a dash of dill for a punch. Add corn, let simmer and serve.

That Prawn is on Fire!

2 pats of butter, unsalted
2 cloves of garlic, sliced
2 jalapeno, sliced. keep seeds
1 lb of spot prawns, live and whole

In a hot pan, melt butter and roast garlic till brown. Add jalapeno and prawns together, and sauté till flesh is pink. Garnish and serve. Optional: add cayenne pepper for an added boost.

These are simple recipes and I find they pair well with either rice or spaghetti.


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