Oh My Taiyaki at Snowy Village

Snowy Village
4071-#2a Shelbourne St

Victoria, BC

Phone: (250) 590-2277
Hours: Weds – Monday: 2–8p.m.

Unit #2a at Feltham Centre must be cursed. Every few years, it changes operations. Not even the novel coronavirus can stop Snowy Village during these harder times. I’ve visited this dining space in its previous forms, which can be found here offering churros) and here (Hong Kong style desserts). Instead of going back to what it was (I’m guessing the same Asian family rents the space but depending on whose idea it is to change theme, that person is the manager), the decision to buy into a new franchise was on their mind. Now, I can get cold treats like the bingsoo and a staple with taiyaki.

You don’t want to bite into their hot treats too quickly after being in the grill, otherwise you’d burn the roof of your mouth. The crunch in the pancake offering suggests more than just using the supplied ingredients headquarters sends to its operations. The batter doesn’t taste like anything special, and you’re here for the icy treat during the scorching summer days than anything else. With the season here, I can see myself visiting this place a touch more often, mostly for takeout until the BC’s Ministry of Health says it’s safe to do so.

I believe this franchise started in Canada in Vancouver, BC and spread to other points in between before landing on the island. The bingsoo is definitely their selling point. The shaved milk ice is better than the traditional Hawaiian treat (sorry) and is miles ahead in comparison to Milkcow Cafe making the milk moo-rific. The red bean topping takes getting used to, but after a few bites–after the brain freeze–is a lovely, chewy addition. But you want to wolf this treat down fast.

Unlike the operations on the mainland which I hear have been inconsistent, especially with the waiters and waitresses shouting out when orders are ready to a busy and packed space, the one in my town will have no problems. The venue is small and can hold no more than a six people.

Business has been slow, which is to be expected, but for a taste of sweet yummies, I’d make the visit for the tasty shaved milk here than stay at home.

3½ Blokes out of 5


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