Crispy Churros Dessert Cafe

Crispy Churros Dessert Cafe
2A – 4071 Shelbourne
Victoria, BC

Hours: 11am to 8pm
Phone: (250) 590-2277

¡Ay, caramba! Miss Fruits H.K. Desserts closed up shop, and it changed from Asian style sweets to Spanish—well, sort of. The new operation has shaved ice, designer brand coffee and to its namesake, crispy churros!

When the people behind the counter are Korean, this mishmash of cultures is fine by me! The churro has no clear origin story. It may have come from the Orient. In China, we have our own doughnut, a Youtiao. It’s a starchy crispy delight I love to have with congee (or any other thick creamy soup). In Spain, they have a sweeter version which can be consumed on its own and the dips, ranging from chocolate, vanilla or caramel, only enhances the cinnamon flavour. I could eat them all day if I had the metabolism!

This dessert has sort of become synonymous with the movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming. Yes, he’s become an unofficial spokesman. These snacks have become my comfort food whenever I’m feeling down and want a smile back on my face.

I used to get my fix at Mucho Burrito and I feel those days are moreorless gone. They are toasted than made fresh during the order. When considering that’s what I see late at night, I have to wonder if this product is made, if at all, there. They offer Dulce de leche here (their saving grace) whereas this other nearby locale has two other flavours.

The fact the folks at Crispy Churros asked if I can wait for a fresh batch of dough to be made, I was more than impressed, and that alone won me over. Their dips, a choice of chocolate and vanilla, especially when it’s all so warm and gooey inside, made me take to a fried stick like a hummingbird to a sugar feeder. I wanted to suck it all the way through until it’s dry. Hopefully, as this place becomes more popular, other sweeteners like dulce (caramel) can be offered.

To have a focus is great. The menu is simple. The establishment is small and are open until 8pm for most days. I could walk down here to grab dessert if I wanted to! However, this product is meant to be a take-out product than something to eat here. The other place is open until 10pm, but do I want toasted over fresh?

In the summer, I will have more of their shaved ice products. When it’s made from condensed milk, the sweeter product certainly hits the spot on the right day.

A different invention is their churro and ice cream combo. Sadly, this product is missing something. I was told it’s not the same product every day; they buy from Wholesale Club. This turnaround is weird when considering they source their coffee from a local roaster, Stick in the Mud coffee house. When this city has two fantastic producers of this silky delight made straight from a kitchen, an extra mile could have been made and hopefully the future will see a partnership.

For now, my money is on the churro. When I am not downtown and waiting for Chorizo & Co Spanish Eatery to reopen to get my fix, I’m thankful I have one down the hill to head to. I need to do a lap around Mount Doug before heading home to burn off the calories!

4 Blokes out of 5


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