A Fine Sült Pierogi Bar and More!

Sült Pierogi Bar
609 Yates St
Victoria, BC

Thurs- Sat: Noon to 8pm
Phone: (778) 265-7858

Although not young by any means, a certain Pierogi Bar is hardly an old Sült. I’ve been meaning to try them out and they’re roughly a few years old. I’m not always interested in dumplings–there’s so much variety and it’s tough to beat mom’s wonton’s. Gyozas are a different manner, but for the traditional European version, I’m sure this place is terrific. However, after seeing that they’ve partnered with Papa’s Poutinerie, I had to walk in.

Going west–to downtown–has an all new meaning. It felt like I was entering a cowboy saloon. Although the operation was very empty at the time I was there (it was just as the city was entering stage two of reopening), the staff there was very friendly and I daydreamed “How the West Was Won” as I glanced at the menu. Food-wise, this meal was a poutine with garlic, bacon, cheese curds, sour cream, green onions and smoked sausage gravy piled on top. It was superb!

Having a small order of this and more crispy potatoes with the hot dog was enough to do me in. I would’ve been “Tomb-Stoned” (Pubby Tubby sausage, bacon confit, fried cheese curds, smoky sausage gravy, onion rings, Sriracha aioli) had I asked for this grub over the Street Meat. Because I was wearing my face mask, they didn’t hear me asking for something else instead of the same ol’ thing. I could have had a Mean Green or Crisped Caesar Salad instead, or this operation’s staples–pierogies. I guess not everyone can understand Bane. I’m still waiting for someone to use the term, “Roll over Beethoven,” to describe any kind of main and hope my tummy is up to the challenge.


This kitchen sources their sausages from The Whole Beast– renowned for their artisan products. These sausages are not your typical grinds put on a bun. The Street Meat is very filling; packed with a lot of goodness in an open sandwich format. The mix of ground pork, curry spices, butter, brown sugar, and heavy cream was certainly very heavy. I could probably smack people with the roll had I been given the whole roll. That can make for an interesting image, a whip made of sausage. Add the single layer of bun and I felt ready to stop by the mid-way mark.

The downtown core of Victoria is slowly re-opening. I’m glad it is, but there’s still a safety issue to address. There’s still a lot of homeless wandering about and I’m surprised I’ve found a few new operations setting up shop. I guess the three months of not operating can easily shut down a few places, and thankfully there are others to take over. Good or bad, even though a few of them are franchise type places, how can I say no to another South Asian dessert shop in town?

4 Stars out of 5



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