A Fudd on The Hunt for a Food Truck

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For the latest updates, please visit their website.

Be very, very quiet… I’m hunting risotto, Indecent Risotto. This operation is mostly found out in Westshore, but when they hit a farmer’s market or event in the City of Victoria proper, I’m there! Andrew Paumier and Shannon Moriarty are the fine folks in the truck, cooking up one of my favourite Italian fast foods. They source their ingredients locally and I suspect they also have a garden to harvest from for making their salads.

I’m glad this operation is mobile, otherwise just getting out to the boonies is not in the cards. They are frequently spotted in the Municipality of Sooke and out by Esquimalt Lagoon. Neither are easy to reach when I’m a Saanich boy at heart.

They do house parties too, and anyone interested in having them cater your next shindig (while being socially responsible because of covid-19) can visit their website here for all the details.

Sorry Thrifty’s but I can’t go back to buying your deli minis now. This food truck’s risotto balls are enormous! It’s perfectly warm and crunchy when eaten on the spot. Not every location this food truck is parked at will have lots of patio seating, so most patrons are doing takeout or ordering through their online service. When they are at their base camp cooking up a storm, the delivery area is limited.

This operation has a rotating menu and it’s worth coming back time and time again to see what new tastes Paumier and Moriarty have come up! In fact, I’ll be headed to the Oaklands Sunset Market later today to satisfy my monthly craving! Their four cheese balls are one you want to have right away than take home. The best deal is with their two ball and side combo–I highly recommend their orzo salad. It’s a tangy delight, and it’s mostly because the theme feels right when one ingredient includes cherry tomatoes.

In this upcoming visit, I may well try the Jalapeno Popper with sunflower seeds and lemon pesto. This dairy free offering has my taste buds salivating. But it’s their cubano sandwich which has me smacking my lips. I’m a sucker for Crust Bakery‘s products. Packed between their ciabatta bun are smoked ham, roasted pork loin, mustard, pickles and swiss cheese. It’s pressed until the sandwich is all melty. The thought of it is enough to have me eager for later today.

Now let’s just hope I can survive the midsummer heat!


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