Fast Bites at La Crêperie Voilà

La Crêperie Voilà
707 Pike Pl.
Seattle, WA
(206) 447 – 2737

A word to the wise, most fast foods need to be eaten after it’s made than saved for later. At La Crêperie Voilà, they are made on the spot and the scents are a delight to tickle the taste buds. Although they ran out of the ratatoulie late at night, I certainly hope this place is well stocked during the day for those hungry crowds looking for a lunch-time bite. At the rate this place is able to churn out a product, the time between order to delivery is very good.

I opted for the spinach feta cheese combo. It wasn’t what I would expect for gastronomic enjoyment, but it certainly helped curve the hunger pangs. The ingredients lacked punch. Had some seasoning been used to bring out the flavour of the spinach and the feta cheese better crumbled, this meal would have been consistently delicious. Instead, it was like eating a hamburger with the toppings like the onions and tomatoes lopsided.

The problem here is that feta is not a melting cheese. It had to be crumbled to finer consistency to make this particular crêpe tasty. The way it was made was haphazard. A few bites were certainly enough to fill me, and to eat it now is a must. I made the mistake of saving part of it for the next day.

As for convenience, this place is far better than going to other fast food franchises nearby. Next time, I’m returning to the Blue C Sushi, the place that serves by the plate. The Washington State Convention Center does have plenty of dining options around the area and in the building itself, but the question of where to go can certainly be an adventure for foodies to go hunting for.

A meal can be found here for less than $8 while other restaurants charge roughly twice that. It’s just a question of whether or not the die-hard Emerald City Comicon-goer wants to leave the convention center block or not. My advice is to head towards 2nd and Pike, where up to four food trucks will inhabit the spot during a busy afternoon. One can taste the world there better than at the Convention Block.

3 Blokes out of 5

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