Sam’s Sushi is a Dud

Sam's Sushi is a Dud

Sam’s Sushi Bar & Grill
521 Queen Anne Ave. N
Seattle, WA
(206) 282-4612

Very rarely will I say a sushi place is a dud. At Sam’s Sushi, not only was the rice tasting flat, but the late night service was terrible. I arrived about 45 minutes before closing and while the other couple here was able to take their time to finish their meal, I was being rushed.

I should have simply left so I could return to the Toulouse Petit (and I did). But a travel agent mentioned that there was a sushi place near the Space Needle that I had to go try. I think I searched around the wrong area than to look straight north. My detour found me in a Chinese-run operation.

The two rolls I sampled looked tasty on the menu but on the table, I was wondering if the chef used the same fish twice than to give me two different products. The yellowtail in the Deanne Roll ($5.95) and the white tuna in the Snow Flake Roll ($6.75) tasted very similar. The two dishes shared a very dull tasting avocado as its main ingredient. The latter included tobiko, which should have enhanced this roll, but there was very little of this bright orange egg in each piece to even make the flavours stand out.

The sprouts were a nice touch, but just what the heck is “crunchy,” an ingredient on the menu? It’s leftover tempura batter deep-fried and crushed. The tiny bits are then rolled onto the bed of rice. I liked the concept, but that did not save the meal from being a disaster.

The prices are inflated and the flavors are nothing new for an experienced fusion maki connoisseur to enjoy. When Queen Anne is part of the name of a product, I want a oppulent maki roll; it should contain beluga caviar than basic fish egg. A Snow Flake roll, as the name implies, should suggest that my mouth is licking snow. I should be making squeals of delight or squeak at the rice’s moist texture as it is stepped on by my teeth.

The food was average and with my heart not into this meal, it was time to leave and to travel North. Maybe in Alaska, I’ll have better luck with fresh fish, eaten sashimi style.

2 Blokes out of 5

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