Pho Hoa’s Sinking Feeling

Pho Hoa
765 Fort St.
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 477 – 2356

Has anything changed over at the franchise operated Pho Hoa? Very little and its sub-par service seems to have gotten worse. The waitresses may have to be hailed like a cab when a small party of hungry hockey fans become rabid. In this instance, only one person from my group managed to order while the rest of the gang were ignored. There was not even an attempt to ask if we were ready.

Did I have to wait for the Big Bang to happen in order to be fed? She did finally return after being hailed by an electronic thumb. I ordered the number 44, two digits shy to the answer to life, the universe and everything. This meal contained brisket, flank, tendon, tripe and fatty flank in its concoction of noodles and broth. The dish came reasonably fast, and the portions were significantly better than last I remembered. The taste of the noodles was average, the broth was meh and the variety of meats offered did not stand out. The tripe was a bit decent, and for once, I could identify each type of meat in the dish. Nothing was missed.

Unlike last time, the plate of sides was presented differently. A few years before, I recall being offered thin round slices of lime. This time they came in wedges. At least one thing improved.

With previous visits, I was treated to a dessert. Well, the cake was from Thrifty’s (my friend Gino opted to come here to celebrate his birthday after the Victoria Royals game) and this bakery can do no wrong. Pho Hoa’s iced coffee was tasty enough to enjoy with the cake, but I was disappointed at the amount of liquid offered. Once again, the problem lies in the service; I wasn’t even offered a refill.

I did say once that I’d revisit this place again in hopes some improvements were made. It’s happening in baby steps and just like a toddler, despite being “three decades” old (according to their website), it is still stumbling like a baby in his diapers. The management really needs a manual to give to its staff at how to wait on tables properly.

2 Blokes out of 5

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