Enter a World of Delights at Shanghai Noodles

2224 Quadra Street
Victoria, B.C. 
(250) 386-8802

Shanghai Noodles is located between two of my ol’ stomping grounds. Blanshard Community and George Jay Elementary. Between the two, one I liked and the other…well you know how it goes. It was to be a toss up for what direction this experience would take. I was hoping the coin didn’t fall over the George Jay line.

And once again Ed had to listen (or covertly tune me out) as I rambled on about the places I’d been, the people I knew and Heather, the girl I kissed.

E: Aw, isn’t young love grand? But we are not here to recount another version of “My Girl.”

I was feeling generous for the season and treated my best bud to a meal. Although the concept was against my better judgement, I agreed to letting James decide on the venue. I was not disappointed. I was treated to some really good black tiger prawn on a bed of poppy vermicelli that was more than fresh, it crackled back at me!

J: The tiger prawn was done in a really light and fluffy batter. Just tasting them one might consider them health food rather than the grease taste one would associate with the process. The shanghai noodles we feasted on were nothing spectacular. But there were redeeming qualities.

E: I wasn’t really in the mood for rice for lunch, and the alernative noodles hit the spot. I liked both, even though the lack of prawns were not as abundant.

For the other variation, I found that after dousing the softer version with some house-made hot sauce, the slow volcanic burn made the meal all the more enjoyable. The variety of greens were too few and far between, so it made me glad that I ordered the squid and veggie platter in garlic sauce to enhance the meal.

I could really taste the minced allium; it enhanced the flavours of the broccoli and accentuated the squid meat.


The squid plate had to be a favourite. One could tell the garlic was definitely made in-house, the cook confirmed it. Those and the prawns were the best dishes of the day. And what of our server, the daughter of the owners? She deserves praise for being so attentive. I’ve learned how a good server is invaluable to a restaurant’s continuing business.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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