L’Authentique Poutine & Burger Reawakens!

L’Authentique Poutine
& Burger

Langford, BC

Can this fact be true? Is “Zut alors” a cuss word? Well, that’s beside the point, but an exclamation must be used to let folks know that L’Authentique Poutine & Burger is back! And the best part of all is that their new truck is sporting the colours of the Quebec flag. One just has to excuse the wood panelling that’s added to the design too.

Although this food truck operation took longer to get going again, and I can certainly understand the Winter break. Although the Inuit do consume fatty meats to help them stay warm, the Victorians (let alone the folks in the Western Communities) do not need to.

In the famous words of Optimus Prime, I’m hoping they will “roll out” into other parts of the Capital Region of Victoria so folks can sample their unique poutines. And I can finally drag James out from his hibernation so we can explore his side of the trail.

Based on the information on their Facebook profile, they will serve two locations, Canadian Tire (855 Langford Pkwy) from 11am to 5pm, and then at A to Z Kids (801 Goldstream Ave.) from 5:30pm till 8pm.


2 thoughts on “L’Authentique Poutine & Burger Reawakens!

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