Fast Food and the Fickle Finger of Fate

La Fogata Latina
749 View St.
Victoria, B.C.

J: Like the fickle finger of fate, my stomach is rarely satisfied with one incident and so it was a Colombian-influenced hot dog that was my next call of destiny. Pineapple sauce and crisps (chips for the non-British) is something that wasn’t as appealing as it sounded. If you’ve ever watched Red Dwarf then you’ve heard of Hitler’s infamous banana and crisps sandwich but would Adolf have switched to a pork cylinder in a bun and ruin his perfectly good mustache?

E: Or maybe that Colombiana cola which tasted as smooth as a a cream soda. I knew I had to take James to La Fogata Latina on my next visit to try out the rest of their menu. On my first visit, I tried their Mazorca ($4).

This corn mash certainly was delicious. The mix of crunched potato chips and parmesan really added to the taste, but I didn’t find the white onions as pronounced. In terms of colour, the sauces added on top are what can define this snack. I lightly dressed mine with garlic, and that helped add a light punch to my meal. But I had to wonder, do Colombians add potato chips to nearly everything in their list of fast foods?

J: If they do, I wonder what other foods I should be examining because this hot dog was quite the experience. I left my hot dog as the cook intended. The pineapple sauce blended well with the chips. It also helped that the pork hot dog was of better fair than many store bought or he simply cooked it with more care. It sure went down nice with the Colombiana cola. I don’t drink much pop but if I do, you’ll find a 6-pack of this brand in my fridge. It’s the corn syrup that gives it that cream soda taste as Ed has already stated but it’s a stand alone from name brands like Crush.

E: While this establishment’s dig is a bit on the small side, the friendliness of the two owners here really needs to be noticed. On the first visit, he was helpful in explaining what made their fast food good. And I couldn’t help but wonder how much of the Mesoamerican culture loves their maize?

I had the Arepa ($3) and also sampled the hot dog too. For under $12, I could try two of their various dishes. I concur with what James said about the hot dog, but since he didn’t have the corn sandwich. I had beef and bacon toppings and it made this meal particularly hefty.

Insert Tim Allen grunt here, but even he would approve of how this soft greasy wonder goes down. There’s a tender chewiness to how the beef’s cooked. The course texture of the ground corn dough (beautifully toasted with greasy care) really makes this edible one-hand-meal stand out. I could probably eat one of these plain, so I can savour the dough, but without the extra toppings, some people may become bored with just eating corn. When considering my daily diet, I get enough starch as it is.

The next time we return, or when I can stop by again on a weekend, I really have to try their ceviche (shrimp). I have to wonder what size pieces they use. And lord only knows I love ’em big. If they’re too tiny, it should belong in a salad, not a sandwich!

3½ Blokes out of 5

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