Tasting the Times at The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro


The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro
199 Dallas Road
James Bay
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-8080

J: It seems I can’t get my hands on some decent tea. Instead of sitting in the Fairmont Empress drinking tea from a nice China cup, having a tea-pot and all the amenities that it brings, because of a parking issue with our photographer’s car, I’m drinking tea from a mug with coffee creamers on a side plate. And instead of the Empress’ own blend or even some British created tea bag, its English Breakfast from an American company called Harney & Sons. Oh how we’re living it up now. Pinkies raised, pinkies raised.

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More than Just a taste of Nippon over at Gracepoint, er Oak Bay

Just Matcha Tea Shop
2021 Oak Bay Avenue
Oak Bay, BC
(250) 813-2456

Kissako Green Tea Cafe
2027 Oak Bay Ave, 
Oak Bay, BC
(250) 370-5195

Plenty of green tea flavours can be found over in Oak Bay. Practically next door to each other are Kissako, a green tea cafe, and Just Matcha, a store that specializes on that particular brand of tea. I was in this municipality to watch the filming of Gracepoint, a US remake of BBC’s Broadchurch and I’m always keen to learn from the pros by careful observation from afar.

I have the educational background to know what I’m doing in a newsroom, but as for a film/tv set, I feel I’m not not quite there yet.

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Lunns Bakery Has Pumpkin Pie! And its Delish

Lunn’s Pastries
Deli & Coffee Shop

2455 Beacon Ave 
Sidney, BC 
(250) 656-1724

My oh my, Lunn’s Pastries has pie, and it’s pumpkin to boot! Well, I’ve been told that they make the best pumpkin on this side of the 42nd parallel. Well, technically their coordinates are more like 48 degrees and 39.2′ North, and its well worth the trip to this seaside town to eat a pie that tasted like it came fresh from the patch.

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Murchie’s: More Than Just Tea

Murchie’s Tea & Coffee
1110 Government Street
Victoria, B.C.
(250) 383-3112

E: On our stroll down Government Street on a chilly December, two words jumped at me—Ginger and Chocolate—and James and I soon found ourselves inside Murchie’s. I thought the candy goodness could be found at the deli side of the operation, hopefully available for sampling. Sadly, they were not at the time.

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Examining White Teas

I’m making the switch from green to white tea not only because of the lower caffeine count, but also because of the health benefits attached to it. Instead of rating what I’m sampling from two major chain operations, I thought I’d give my impressions.

At David’s Teas, they have the Bai Hao Yin Zhen and the Spring White Pearls; and at Teaopia, the White Butterfly, Pai Mu Tan, Silver Needles and White Pearls. Of course, I went for the most expensive deal to see what they’re like and the result? I find myself really liking the flavour from the Spring White Pearls. With no surprise, both operations import the product from two different provinces so the operation is forcing the consumer to decide. Their marketing write-up for each product is as follows:

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A Salt Spring Summary

9b8e2-james2bat2bembeJ: Ed and I hit the road (or just the water) for a 24 hour stay over on beautiful Salt Spring Island. We met many wonderful different people from the interesting Dr. Delightments to the downright cranky employee at Morningside Organic Bakery Cafe & Bookstore. And even a horrible motel and heatstroke couldn’t dampen my spirits for exploring the sights and sounds of Ganges.

With luck on our side we landed ashore during the Tuesday market.

E: The timing couldn’t be any better. We arrived late morning and James needed to cool off. Either I can’t take this boy anywhere, or I have to remind him that heavy jackets are not required–except for wandering around late at night when the ocean air really comes in.

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