Springing forth with Cold Comfort

If a brown sugar and vanilla flavoured ice cream sandwich doesn’t give my dentist the shivers, I honestly don’t know what will. While at the Root Cellar today, I debated if I should get some Avalon brand ice cream (my favourite) and as my glance strayed downwards, I saw that there’s an unobtrusively made package sporting the name: Cold Comfort.

Okay, Spring is here. Finding a new dessert to sample made my heart thump. To discover organically sourced handmade ice cream sold me in more ways than one. The price is more than what I would normally pay for (nearly $5 for an ice cream sandwich), but the taste: oh what a difference! The Scotch sugary mildness and accented flavour of the vanillas was very nice. I’m thinking that the sandwich itself was a sugar bread and oh boy—is that a drill I hear in the background?

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Fentimans Cherry Tree Grows Tall

Cherry Tree Cola

Available at: The Root Cellar

Ed — What can be found in a champagne fountain but a round of bubbly? I’d have to say Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola does. It can flow like a round of sparkly wine to be enjoyed during a social event, if I had my choice. The drink offers more than just a simple excitement in my mouth: it’s a gingerly kiss of additional flavours that puts other cherry sodas to shame.

Quite simply, there is a hint of fermented ginger which helps enhance the other tastes. I discovered this drink at The Root Cellar. A day later, I’m sipping this lightly alcoholic drink and enjoying every drop.

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Blk Water Hardly Stands Out

Thankfully, I don’t watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey and nor do I care that the show’s stars are involved in a promotion of a black water product called Blk. Now if it was the third installment of Men in Black promoting this particular beverage, the geeks might be sold. But this drink’s claims of rebalancing a body’s natural pH level is questionable when there are other methods to do the same thing.

Fulvic acid may have its uses in agriculture, but as a product to consume, that does not sound all that appealing. I’d rather look to aquaculture or even cocunut water to help satisfy part of my nutritional needs.

I’ll admit the black look for this Blk is very slick. Its packaging and design is trendy, but as for its taste: give me white grapefruit juice to sip instead. I prefer a pleasant aftertaste than something mildly metallic. The drink itself is slightly acrid and sensitive taste-buds may not necessarily enjoy it.

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Is Yogurt Food of the Gods?

Good morning to all of you. If you happen to live and shop in beautiful downtown Victoria, British Columbia, forget the weatherman. Look not to the skies today but something closer. If one inspects the streets we know and work on, one may find a Greek God giving out samples of yogurt. Who knew the Gods of Olympus had time for such things. And ladies, hands off the olive-oiled chest.

Victoria, B.C. – (May 3, 2012) – Hain-Celestial Canada, ULC, a leading natural and organic food company, will give away almost 2,500 tubs of The Greek Gods™ yogurt in downtown Victoria tomorrow Friday May 4th 2012 between 11.30am – 2.30pm.

Commuters can enjoy this delicious treat for free, while also meeting with ‘The Greek God’, who will bestow the yogurts upon Victoria.

“We are excited to offer people in Victoria a taste of our indulgent traditional Greek Style yogurt. The Greek Gods™ yogurt is a great option for a nutritious main meal or snack,” says Heather McTavish Taylor, Vice President, Marketing of Hain Celestial Canada.

The Greek Gods™ yogurt has five active and live cultures including probiotics and is available in four flavours – Plain, Honey, Honey Strawberry and Honey Vanilla. The 650g-sized containers will allow many residents of the beautiful island to enjoy this delicious yogurt.

Yogurt lovers can stop by the following intersections during their lunch break to meet The Greek Gods™:

• Fort Street and Douglas
• Government Street and Humboldt Street

For more information about The Greek Gods™ yogurt visit www.greekgodsyogurt.ca

Examining White Teas

I’m making the switch from green to white tea not only because of the lower caffeine count, but also because of the health benefits attached to it. Instead of rating what I’m sampling from two major chain operations, I thought I’d give my impressions.

At David’s Teas, they have the Bai Hao Yin Zhen and the Spring White Pearls; and at Teaopia, the White Butterfly, Pai Mu Tan, Silver Needles and White Pearls. Of course, I went for the most expensive deal to see what they’re like and the result? I find myself really liking the flavour from the Spring White Pearls. With no surprise, both operations import the product from two different provinces so the operation is forcing the consumer to decide. Their marketing write-up for each product is as follows:

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Going Mandarin or Japanese with Oranges

Sun Japanese Mandarin Oranges
Available at Costco and Thrifty Foods.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat but I’m eating something different. Do I mean chasing after some chocolate? No, I have some delicious traditional Mandarin oranges to suckle on. In all of my life, I’ve only ever tasted the Chinese products.

But today, I spied with my little eye the product from the Land of the Rising Sun. Could this particular box make for a better grown product? It’s red and it screamed “buy me!”

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