Springing forth with Cold Comfort

If a brown sugar and vanilla flavoured ice cream sandwich doesn’t give my dentist the shivers, I honestly don’t know what will. While at the Root Cellar today, I debated if I should get some Avalon brand ice cream (my favourite) and as my glance strayed downwards, I saw that there’s an unobtrusively made package sporting the name: Cold Comfort.

Okay, Spring is here. Finding a new dessert to sample made my heart thump. To discover organically sourced handmade ice cream sold me in more ways than one. The price is more than what I would normally pay for (nearly $5 for an ice cream sandwich), but the taste: oh what a difference! The Scotch sugary mildness and accented flavour of the vanillas was very nice. I’m thinking that the sandwich itself was a sugar bread and oh boy—is that a drill I hear in the background?

When looking at Cold Comfort’s website, I can see why they are a success in the making. In their flavour archive is a bevy of concoctions that would send even the alcoholic in to a frenzied stupor. They have used Bourbon Vanilla, Phillips Ginger Beer, Russian Imperial Stout and Victoria Gin before.

If only I discovered this brand earlier, I’d be at their storefront on a bi-weekly basis to eye their fanciful flavours. I imagine that most of these spirited drinks are one-time only inventions and if that is not enough to make Ben & Jerry jealous, the remainder of their list will.

On March 1st, Cold Comfort announced their partnership with Lone Tree Bakery (809 Craigflower Rd.) to sell their goods. They are open Tuesday to Friday, 9am until 6pm, and Saturday/Sunday, 9am to 5pm.

I know where I’ll be hanging out this Summer.


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