Going Mandarin or Japanese with Oranges

Sun Japanese Mandarin Oranges
Available at Costco and Thrifty Foods.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat but I’m eating something different. Do I mean chasing after some chocolate? No, I have some delicious traditional Mandarin oranges to suckle on. In all of my life, I’ve only ever tasted the Chinese products.

But today, I spied with my little eye the product from the Land of the Rising Sun. Could this particular box make for a better grown product? It’s red and it screamed “buy me!”

And apparently it worked. One full pallet display of these Asian wonders was picked almost clean and I was left with very few boxes to choose from. Inside the box was a nice large note with tear away gift tags. The note thanked the customer for continuing to buy Japanese mandarins for Christmas and that none of it would not be possible without the farmers from Japan. I thought that was a nice touch.

I couldn’t wait to open my gift. The mandarins were slightly smaller then many of their Chinese cousins but I’ve learned many times over that good things come in small packages.

The skin was easier to peel off Chinese mandarins and I often found the taste of Chinese grown variety to be overly sweet. My first impression of the Japanese variety was juicy and sweetly subdued. It was much like drinking an organic orange juice. With the bite I had, I was ready to bow down and say “Ohayo gozaimasu” to the dawn of a new day. These oranges are great for breakfest.


One thought on “Going Mandarin or Japanese with Oranges

  1. Your blog is informative. Thanks for sharing your experience.I love Mandarin food very much and i have tried many mandarin recipes which i got from YouTube , recipe books and many other website at home .


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