Bobbing for Burgers at Bin 4

Bin 4 Burger Lounge
911 Yates St
Victoria, BC
(250) 590-4154

E: Bin 4 is a new burger parlour in town, and they’ve only been open for a couple of weeks. They are located in the spot where JB’s Cafe used to be, and I can easily see myself visiting Harris Green Village a lot more often.

The scents coming from there are very inviting, and just how many places can I say offer fine dining with a burger experience? I met up with James here to find out.

J: The decor is certainly to my style but instead of a cozy booth we were seated at an open table for two. We had a nice view of the mall from where we sat. They have a great deal on burgers at night to draw in people looking for a place to hang-out with friends after hours.

I ordered the cheapest on the meru, a Heritage burger ($10). It came with the usual fixings but I added mushrooms and replaced the fries with onion rings.

E: I think I got the better deal. The wild mushroom burger ($13) certainly had a lot of flavour to it and I enjoyed the mix of chantrelles, lobster and oysters. These are only the basics, and if this burger was priced any more, I would’ve expected morels as well. There may have been a few small slices, but this medley certainly had me harping my seal of approval.

J: I was less impressed. Even though my burger had a nice earthy flavour, it was on the dry side and the lettuce was old. My onion rings however were exceptionaol. It’s a shame I received so few. I could have munched down a whole plate. The garlic aoli made for a very nice dipping sauce.

E: Maybe you should have spent the extra money on the classier burgers, James. I thought my burger had a good pink to the meat, and it didn’t taste all that dry. I can imagine my burger patty had time to soak in all the moisture from the sauteed mushrooms. The burger seemed a bit smallish, but that can simply be my imagination.

Those onion rings James had certainly looked appetizing and I helped myself to two (at James’ insistence) and loved the dip.

J: And Ed goes for the cheap shot about me being cheap. Well it was worth a try and as we know Bin 4 is still in its infancy. They need time to sort themselves out but at least things look promising. Just give me the name and home address of my burger cook and we’ll call it even.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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2 thoughts on “Bobbing for Burgers at Bin 4

  1. Heard about the same re: Bun4, just Meh. And for Fatburger. But Big Wheel is causing a bit of a stir… Need your reviews!


  2. Hopefully James and I can check out Big Wheel next month. I've been hearing rumblings too and am getting curious.


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