Burgers on the Industrial Side of Esquimalt

Bimo Burger Stand
878 Viewfield Rd.
Esquimalt, BC
(250) 360-2955

By my count, only a few months have elapsed since I said that I’d visit Bimo Burger Stand. It literally is a shack, owned and operated by a friendly-looking Chinese couple, and if I wanted some Chinese fast food to go, yes, that option is available.

But that’s not what this operation is all about. They serve burgers street vendor style, and they’re reasonably tasty ones at that. Although it doesn’t have the greasy joe’s feel, what I ate was a touch on the dry side. It doesn’t dribble when you’re eating and walking at the same time. When that’s put in a nicely warmed whole-wheat Kaiser bun, it left me satisfied for several hours. I only opted for the $5 piece just to see how their basic product fares.

Here at Bimo, they have it down to a science. A spread of mayo on one side, a light tap of ketchup on the other, a nicely done beef patty (it had a good mild taste of sirloin and I estimate that the patty was 4oz), finely shredded iceberg lettuce, and a spread of finely diced onions—that made for a very good combination to nibble on. After a few chews, I examined the patty. I could see little bits of gluten and an even brownness in how the meat was cooked.

The veggies had a great satisfying crispness to it. I was taking my time eating this burger while waiting for my family to finish shopping.

I could have tried more, but I’ll be reserving that for another trip. This place is only cash and Interac capable which helps keeps their prices down, and next time, it’ll be the poutine that I’ll have to try. I hear that what they make is very good because of the gravy, but I’m trying to lose weight before the holidays are over with.

3½ Blokes out of 5

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