Tasting the Times at The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro


The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro
199 Dallas Road
James Bay
Victoria, BC
(250) 386-8080

J: It seems I can’t get my hands on some decent tea. Instead of sitting in the Fairmont Empress drinking tea from a nice China cup, having a tea-pot and all the amenities that it brings, because of a parking issue with our photographer’s car, I’m drinking tea from a mug with coffee creamers on a side plate. And instead of the Empress’ own blend or even some British created tea bag, its English Breakfast from an American company called Harney & Sons. Oh how we’re living it up now. Pinkies raised, pinkies raised.

E: If James really wanted his tea, we would have found a way to some establishment, perhaps in Oak Bay than downtown Victoria, so he can get more than his fill. But on a cold winter’s day, who wants tea? I want to do some storm watching! This month seems to be ripe for it! Mother Nature has been cracking a lot of wind and I’ve been seeing wind warnings posted on the Environmental Canada website in the past few days.

Well, we really have to be in Tofino for that, but to enjoy a sunset over at Ogden Point seemed fitting, and we could have had a view at The Breakwater Cafe & Bistro. Sadly, I missed its days when it was the Ogden Point Cafe.

J: There is a really great place in Tofino to watch the sunset, I’m not sure what it is now but two decades ago it was the Blue Heron and they had this fantastic view over the water. But we’re not in Tofino and we didn’t even get to acquire a table to view the sunset at Ogden Point either. Things just weren’t happening for me today. At least our photographer, Yvonne Fried, was happy — her meal was being paid for. If you have a good photographer, it’s important to let them know how much you appreciate them. Ed and I had spent the day at the Royal BC Museum, The Empress and at the Legislature getting photos snapped for new projects.

E: Sadly Ogden Point is nothing like it was when I fondly wandered around the area. I understand the reason the fences had to be installed, but it simply ruins the aesthetic of happily and gaily running along the breakwater. With a splash, I can feel the sea. I wish I could say the same about the nachos or fish tacos that I had. I think the supply truck drove into the sea instead of arriving at the back door of this establishment to deliver fresh produce for the diners to marvel at.

J: Sadly the fences along the breakwater are a sign of the times. I’m guessing its better to save the city from a lawsuit. Lawsuits are so easily filed these days because people get hurt physically or mentally for the simplest of reasons. And I couldn’t agree more with Ed, with the nachos as a starter for ten dollars, I would expect a little more cheese. The cheese, I could forgive because I know how much a block of solidified cows’ milk has skyrocketed but the green peppers were unforgivable. The produce was not fresh. It was very evident when I made the mistake of popping a slice of it into my mouth only to have Ed and Yvonne watch me change expression as I rushed for a gulp of tea. Please tell me the burger is better.

E: Or please tell me who their supplier is, so I can contact them to let them know that they need to do a better job at making timely deliveries. On the day we went here, nothing really tasted fresh.

J: The Breakwater Burger ($11, $12 with the extras) had been grilled in all of its juices, apart from the moist smoky taste there was nothing more to it. The bacon, mushrooms and lettuce had very little taste. Maybe I had a cold but I confirmed I did not after I took a sip of the curry red lentil soup. It could have used a touch more curry but the flavour came out after I mixed in the right dose of pepper. I knew my taste buds were working but now I know the burger wasn’t. The multi-grain bun holding the burger together showed some whiteness in some spots to indicate it wasn’t properly baked. At least the tea was good, not great but good.

E: I do know that James enjoys his English tea, but if there’s ever a day I hear him harping about how great an American blend is, should I be shocked? It’s good to know that Harney & Sons broker their product from all over the world, but if James is supporting a firm born in the USA, I feel like Flipper saying, “ut-oh” than “ut-ah.”

2 Blokes out of 5

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