Lunns Bakery Has Pumpkin Pie! And its Delish

Lunn’s Pastries
Deli & Coffee Shop

2455 Beacon Ave 
Sidney, BC 
(250) 656-1724

My oh my, Lunn’s Pastries has pie, and it’s pumpkin to boot! Well, I’ve been told that they make the best pumpkin on this side of the 42nd parallel. Well, technically their coordinates are more like 48 degrees and 39.2′ North, and its well worth the trip to this seaside town to eat a pie that tasted like it came fresh from the patch.

I had plenty of pumpkin pies from grocery store bakeries and from grandmotherly figures with a kind heart to fill me up. But they never taste right. Some cooks go overboard with the spices and I feel that can ruin the taste of what gets pulled out of a pumpkin. When its pureed right, the custard should be gently sweet. When its chilled to the right temperature and fresh whip cream is spread on top, the light fluffy taste can get me floating on cloud nine. The pumpkin pie that Lunns makes is perfect, and I’m ready to enter the Pearly Gates. Well, note quite.

I could have easily had three slices and I honestly should not look like a glutton. To round out my brunch, I had a quiche and the soup of the day, a chicken gumbo, instead. They were also equally satisfying. I can easily make Lunns a place to hit whenever I decide to come up to book town for some shopping. But I should add to the fact that these pumpkin pies are seasonal, and there is a short three-week window to come in to taste a slice of heaven.

And these pies probably sell like hotcakes when Turkey Day happens. Two days are required to place an advance order, and they sell them in a personal size (4″ in diameter) or share me (7″) size at $4.99 and $7.70 respectively. If I did that and ordered a few pies to go, I doubt they’d last the trip home because by then, those pies will most likely end up in my stomach. Gobble Gobble.

4½ Blokes out of 5

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